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R.C. Sproul provides an overview of the book of Romans and explains Paul’s teaching about God’s law, man’s sin, and God’s wrath. He shows how we are saved not by our own righteousness but by Christ’s atonement for our sins and the application of His righteousness to our accounts. He demonstrates how all believers receive God’s gift of salvation by faith alone. Dr. Sproul explores original sin, the order of salvation, struggle and progress in sanctification, assurance of our final victory, and practical applications of how to live in the light of God-centered theology. 

Messages in this Teaching Series
Exchanging the Truth for a Lie
Condemned With or Without the Law
Hide and Seek
A Righteousness from God
The Faith of Abraham
Peace With God
A Tale of Two Representatives
Living in Christ’s Righteousness
The Battle Within
The Golden Chain of Salvation
The Choice
The Means of Salvation
The Salvation of Israel
A Living Sacrifice
The Authority of the State
Christian Liberty and the Weaker Brother