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Our Lord has not left His church without leaders to point us back to the great truths of God revealed in Scripture. Seven of these men are held in especially high esteem because of their witness at critical points in church history. Dr. R.C. Sproul explores the lives of these men, showing us how they model integrity to a world bereft of true heroes.

Messages in this Teaching Series
Thomas Aquinas (Part 1)
Thomas Aquinas (Part 2)
Martin Luther (Part 1)
Martin Luther (Part 2)
John Calvin
Jonathan Edwards
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Public Revisionist History v. Brute Fact

Mal Tomlin

The spirit of our age is so lost, that lost- sinners have lost the ability to ask if they're lost. Michael Medved, Dr. Sproul,and even Rick Steves remind me of how little public schools actually teach about history. I need this kind of powerful teaching. -Mal