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Six 30-Minute Messages.

Have you ever been troubled by doubts about the Bible? Have you ever had your faith in God’s Word challenged or dismissed? The temptation in the Garden didn’t begin with promises of wealth or power. It began with an attack on God’s Word. Satan continues that challenge today, with devastating results inside and outside the church.

Hath God Said? meets the devil’s challenge. R.C. Sproul proclaims and defends the world-transforming truth that God has spoken in His Word. He shows that communication requires an absolute standard of truth—and that Scripture is that standard. And R.C. demonstrates the failure of all attempts to make the Bible partly true and partly false. Hath God Said? will strengthen your faith in the integrity of the Bible—and your ability to proclaim and defend His holy character in your world.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
What Is the Standard of Truth?
Authority and Authorship
Inspiration and the Canon of Scripture
Neo-orthodoxy and the Canon of Scripture
Inspiration, Infallibility, and Inerrancy
Jesus & the Word of God