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Our Christian faith can involve so much uncertainty. Do all of Paul’s words have apostolic authority or are there exceptions? Did Isaiah say that God actually creates evil? How should we interpret passages of the Bible where the meanings are unclear? For each of these questions, there’s an answer. R.C. Sproul delves into these queries and more in his four-part Hard Sayings series: 

The Hard Sayings of the Bible
The Hard Sayings of the Apostles
The Hard Sayings of Jesus
The Hard Sayings of the Prophets




Let's just say that every word from Dr. Sproul's mouth is edifying. When I began to listen to and read Dr. Sproul's words, a door opened, and light flooded in. I am so grateful to him for his cogent analysis that I wish to God I lived around the corner so that I could enjoy his brilliance firsthand.