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Ten 23-Minute Messages.

In opposition to churchmen who argued that man is made righteous by faith and works, the Protestant Reformers fearlessly preached that by faith alone God’s people are justified. With devotion to Scripture above all else, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others helped believers cast aside their perversions of the gospel and once again recognize the Lord alone as the One who saves. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines the biblical doctrine of redemption as summarized in the five solas of the Reformation, propositions that remind us God alone deserves the glory for our salvation.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
Faith Alone (Part 1)
Faith Alone (Part 2)
Grace Alone (Part 1)
Grace Alone (Part 2)
Christ Alone (Part 1)
Christ Alone (Part 2)
Scripture Alone (Part 1)
Scripture Alone (Part 2)
Glory to God Alone (Part 1)
Glory to God Alone (Part 2)


Great material for our Sunday School class.

Dan Tidwell

Our Sunday school class format is watching a video presentation and then discussing material and content. We found this series to be an excellent source of Reformed teaching, thought and discussion. Many thought that a couple of these presentations were the best RC has ever done.

A brilliant work of expotition on the solas!

A great exposition by one of todays leading theologans. Dr. R.C. Sproul opens the 5 solas and brings them to life and understanding in our times. A great resource for the church and the layperson. Dr. Sproul brings the reformation home and helps you understand why it was so important for our faith and understanding of who God is.