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The February 2020 issue of Tabletalk will offer readers a study of the parables of Jesus. Perhaps no feature of the teaching ministry of Jesus is better known than His use of parables. In fact, parables were such a defining feature of His ministry that Matthew 13:34 tells us that Jesus “said nothing to [His hearers] without a parable.” Several of these parables are so well known that their titles have made it into secular usage as shorthand references for other concepts (e.g., “good Samaritan” as a person who does good to others). Other parables remain more obscure, being hardly known in the church, let alone in the wider culture. This issue of Tabletalk will exposit several of our Lord’s parables, seeking to help readers better understand the teaching of Christ.

Contributors include Aaron L. Garriott, Miguel A. Núñez, Gerald M. Bilkes, David E. Briones, Charles K. Telfer, Matthias Lohmann, Thomas Keene, Josh Moody, Jonathan T. Pennington, Benjamin L. Gladd, Erik Raymond, Greg Lanier, Albert N. Martin, Mary Beeke, Robert W. Carver, and Stephen J. Nichols.