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The February 2018 issue of Tabletalk will consider how Christians should do theology. The discipline of theology, or the study of God and His ways, is often thought to be the exclusive purview of professional scholars and pastors. However, every time we consider God’s revelation and seek to understand and apply it, we are engaging in the work of doing theology. Because everyone has some view of God and His work in creation, everyone is actually a theologian. The only question is whether we will be good theologians who seek to conform our thinking to the doctrines of Scripture or bad theologians who do the work of theology haphazardly and with little attention to God’s special revelation. This issue will seek to help ordinary Christians become better theologians by examining various aspects of what it means to do theology faithfully.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with Robert Rothwell, R. Carlton Wynne, R. Scott Clark, Gabe Fluhrer, Sinclair B. Ferguson, Barry York, Matt Ryman, Gene Edward Veith, and David B. Garner.