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The prophetic literature of the Old Testament remains the most disputed over, if not the most widely misunderstood, portion of Scripture. This is the theme of the February 2008 issue of Tabletalk. In an effort to help our readers learn how to better read the prophets, this issue will attempt to focus on the main point and purpose of each prophetic era as integral to the Christian’s understanding of God’s redemptive plan. This issue is not, however, intended to be a treatise on biblical literature. While we do wish to heighten the church’s awareness on how to read such texts, we desire to do it through a careful, yet approachable, analysis of how new covenant believers may interpret, use, and respond to the prophetic books of Sacred Writ.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with Bryan D. Estelle, Steve Kreloff, Keith A. Mathison, R. Albert Mohler Jr., Alec Motyer, O. Palmer Robertson, John Sartelle, R.C. Sproul Jr., Gene Edward Veith.  Tabletalk features articles about topics central to the Christian faith and daily, in-depth Bible studies.

The 2008 Bible studies examines the gospel of Matthew and the Redeemer who saves His people from their sins.

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