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For years, dispensational teachings have flooded evangelical airwaves and bookstores. Are they biblical? Dr. Keith A. Mathison provides a clear, scriptural critique of this popular movement. 

Dispensationalism dispels much of the current confusion and answers questions such as: 

  • Is the church age a mysterious “parenthesis?”
  • Will believers be raptured out of the world prior to a period of great tribulation?
  • What do dispensationalists believe concerning the kingdom of God, the Millennium, and the central doctrines of salvation?
  • How do those views compare with Scripture and the historic teachings of the church?

Dr. Mathison allows dispensational writers to speak for themselves. He contrasts dispensationalism’s views on the church, salvation, and end times with Reformed views. This insightful book can help you discover what Scripture actually teaches about the Tribulation, Rapture, and the Millennium. It includes sections on lordship salvation and the relationship between Israel and the church.



Parsing Dispensationalism

Daniel Matthew Monaghan

This is a great resource in order to parse the fallacy of dispensationalism.