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The minister gently guided my mother away from the grave to a waiting car. I moved behind them in a grim stupor. I was confused. I was hurt. I was angry. Two questions pierced my soul…Who are You, God? And why do You do the things You do?

Thus began Sproul’s search for ultimate truth and a personal encounter with the living God. In Discovering the God Who Is, you will journey with Sproul to discover for yourself the magnificence of God’s character and being, His power and personality. Sproul asks the questions many of us wonder about God: Is the Bible the Word of God? What is righteousness? What is the difference between a moral and legal right? How does God create something from nothing? Does God change His mind? Sproul communicates deep truths in a fresh and easy-to-understand style. Join R.C. Sproul as he shares his passion for God and excites you to dig deep and know the God who is alive and who is real, who relates to each one of us in our lives.

“It is not enough for the Christian to know that God is; we must be driven by a passion to know who He is…. It must be the chief business of our lives.”
—R.C. Sproul