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Many Christians are surprised to learn that Deuteronomy is one of the most frequently quoted books in the New Testament. Why did Jesus and the Apostles teach from it so often, and what can you gain from reading it today? In this teaching series, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey connects the land, laws, and leaders of Deuteronomy to the Christian life. At first glance, this ancient book may seem irrelevant. But take a closer look, and you’ll discover how it points to the Savior and helps prepare your heart for Him.

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Why Should Christians Study Deuteronomy?

Messages in this Teaching Series
The Shape of Deuteronomy
The Author of Deuteronomy
The History of Deuteronomy
The God of Deuteronomy
Blessed above All Peoples
Called to Believe & Obey
Laws about Loving God
What Loving God Looks Like
Living as God’s Holy People
Worshipping God
The Feasts of Israel
Laws about Leadership
Laws about Priests
Laws about Loving Your Neighbor
Laws about Conflict
Laws Relating to Purity
What Loving Your Neighbor Looks Like
Warnings That Protect Us
Warnings That Call Us to Faithfulness
Warnings That Call Us to Obedience
Deuteronomy Points Us to Christ