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In today’s world, Christians consistently face attacks from those who believe that faith and reason are incompatible. Regrettably, many think that Christianity is not based on solid philosophical and historical evidence but is rather just a blind leap into the darkness.

This assumption is unwarranted. The Christian faith is rational and is supported by solid evidence. Though most of us realize this, sometimes we do not know the evidence for our faith or cannot present it effectively.

In his book,¬†Defending your Faith, Dr. R.C. Sproul provides an introduction to apologetics, the science of defending the Christian faith. Drawing from years of research and experience, Dr. Sproul demonstrates that Christian belief is rational, and he equips believers to provide an effective defense of the faith.


Excellent but one notable error

Ken Caproni

This is an excellent book, but as a physicist I note a significant error. The concept of the Big Bang is wrong. This error though is common even among physicists. The Big Bang is about SPACE expanding. It is not about matter in space exploding from a point in space. It is an expansion of space from all points of space. The preeminant Copernican Principle assumption of the Big Bang Cosmologists does not permit a special point in space. In their assumption the cosmos is UNBOUNDED and matter uniformely fills all of space at all times. There are no edges/boundaries to the matter in space. A clarifying analogy that is often used is this: think of a balloon. Space is like the rubber surface of this balloon dust particles attached to this surface and uniformely distributed upon it are like the matter in space. as the balloon expands from a very small size, note that all points of space expand; particles separate from each other identically because space is expanding, however particles are not moving wrspt space. The rate of particle separation is proportional to particle distances from each other. In this analogy we see that the surface of the balloon is unbounded.

Makes explaining why you believe believeable.

Robert Morgan

Dr Sproul proves that you don't have to take a blind leap to believe. God said it, that settles it! I've marked, underlined and circled copy througout the book. I plan to read it again this week. Great book for the timid.

A must have!

If you've ever had trouble explaining to someone why you believe in God, this is the book for you! R.C. teaches why so many beliefs in the world today don't make any sense, and why Christianity is completely reasonable. I've never read a better book for helping a Christian defend God's existence.