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The Confessions of Bishop Augustine of Hippo reveal one man’s weaknesses, desires, and sin as well as his repentance and conversion. In this work, Augustine makes known his prayers on behalf of the reader: “Stir up the heart when people read and hear the confessions of my past wickedness, which you have forgiven and covered up to grant me happiness in yourself” (p. 180). It was his prayer that the heart, by reading these confessions, would be “aroused in the love of [God’s] mercy and the sweetness of [His] grace” (p. 180).

This classic from the greatest theological mind of the first millennia after Christ shows us the great heart of Augustine. Devotional, inspiring and convicting, The Confessions show us the grace of God at work, giving us hope that He still works in us today. This book shaped the western church, and can reshape us all that we better reflect the character of Christ.”
R.C. Sproul Jr.


The champion of "Sola Gratia!"

C.R. McNinch

If God could bring this guy to salvation then there is hope for me! No wonder he was the champion of "Sola Gratia" and had such an influence on both Luther and Calvin. In my opinion he is the most influential person in church history outside of the Apostle Paul, and next to the Bible I would put a copy of Confessions on any "desert island" book list!