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People are deeply concerned about the church. No wonder. The secularist juggernaut rolls on; the church seems to falter. Plagued by scandal, fractured by schism, and threatened by heresy, the bride of Christ often appears irrelevant, powerless, and anything but pure.

This series will increase your understanding of what’s wrong with the church — and what we evangelicals can do about it. In Communion of Saints: The Meaning and Mission of the Church, R.C. shows what the church is, what she is called by God to do, how she should worship, why she sins, and why the present crisis is only temporary. What’s more, Communion of Saints includes an intensely practical discussion on when leaving a church is appropriate — and when staying is God’s will.

Messages in this Teaching Series
Sanctified People, Sanctified Space
The Mother of God’s Children
One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic
Wheat, Tares, and Waiting for the Harvest
When to Leave a Church
To the Ends of the Earth