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Looking around the world today, it doesn’t seem truth is all that self-evident. Indeed, everyone is doing what is right in his own eyes. This series explains that it is our duty, as ambassadors of Christ, to uphold Christian ethics as they relate to the culture in which we live. As he addresses topics such as relativism and pacifism and others, Dr. Sproul demonstrates that God’s Word provides clear teaching and lays foundational ethical principles for the Christian life.

Messages in this Teaching Series
Ethics and Morality
Moral Relativism
The Basis of Ethics
Authority and Natural Law
Principle or Custom?
The Razor’s Edge
Ethics for Situations
The Ethics of Jesus and the Law of God
When to War
Capital Punishment
The Sanctity of Life
The Sanctity of Labor
The Sanctity of Truth
The Sanctity of Marriage
Questions and Answers