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Americans are obsessed with money, yet understand little of the workings of economics. Worst yet is the fact that what we think we know is just plain wrong. Politicians and special interest groups benefit from this ignorance while the American people slip deeper into debt and financial slavery. “Biblical Economics” tells you exactly what, how and why you need to know about its topic, no more and no less. With a passing interest in the subject, you may know a few more things about economics than R.C. chooses to discuss in the book. But most of those things are not things that most of us need to know in order to live a biblically sound life. Only a few are vital, and R.C. has done us the immense favor of isolating them, explaining them in clear and simple terms, and showing how they are pertinent and in fact critical to an understanding of how Christians must live in a world that is adamant about denying the role of God in providing our daily bread. You’ll find that “Biblical Economics” is an invaluable aid for developing your own understanding of economic principles. Read it, then give it to your child to read and then talk with him about it.

This book by my son, R.C. Sproul Jr., is a useful primer on Scripture’s teaching on economics. It has been of great help to me on the subject.”
—R.C. Sproul



John Frymire

The author has an outstanding grasp of economics with a keen understanding of Austrian vs Keynesian schools. His discussion of the role of government in the business affairs of modern society is illuminating. This book will be a great help to anyone seeking to understand the appropriate role of government in the economy from a Biblical perspective. Although, the content of the book is excellent, the binding and printing for my hard copy were deficient. You may do better to seek out the paperback version, which I understand is a better quality of binding.