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The August 2019 issue of Tabletalk will look at several commonly misunderstood passages in the Bible, asking the question, What does that verse really mean? Christians have been studying the Scriptures for two thousand years, and while the basic message of salvation is clear enough that anyone of normal intelligence can find it in God’s Word through the diligent use of ordinary means, not every biblical text is readily understood and properly applied. Because of this, several verses in Scripture are routinely misunderstood and taken out of their original context in order to make applications that do not really fit. This issue of Tabletalk will look at twelve of the verses that believers most frequently misunderstand, helping readers to see the verses in their original context and to better comprehend and apply them to their lives.

Contributors include H.P. McCracken, Kevin D. Gardner, Timothy Z. Witmer, Harry L. Reeder III, John Currie, Joe Holland, Aaron L. Garriott, Tyler Kenney, Robert Rothwell, Mark E. Ross, Thomas Brewer, Christopher Gordon, George C. Scipione, Gabriel N.E. Fluhrer, Rebecca VanDoodewaard, and James N. Anderson.