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The April 2018 issue of Tabletalk will address the topic of false teaching. From the beginning of church history, God’s people have had to deal with the threat of false teaching. One reason the Apostle John wrote 1 John was to combat the Docetic heresy. Paul confronts the Judaizing heresy in the book of Galatians, and in Acts 20:28–30, he warns that many wolves will creep into the church, speaking twisted things in order to draw disciples away from Christ and to themselves. Given the danger of false teaching, believers must be prepared to recognize its presence and guard against its infiltration. This issue will consider the nature of false teaching while helping laypeople and church leaders prevent error from seeping into their churches.

Contributors include Fred Greco, Sean Michael Lucas, Eric Landry, John MacArthur, James L. Harvey III, Steffen Mueller, Jon D. Payne, Rebecca VanDoodewaard, Robert Rothwell, Hywel R. Jones, Jared C. Wilson, Randy Alcorn, and Michael Allen.