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Understanding God’s power and sovereignty helps us perceive our own weaknesses and ultimate dependence upon him. Our faith is grounded and established by what we believe (or dont believe) God is able and willing to do for us.

In Almighty over All pastor and writer R. C. Sproul Jr. methodically addresses various aspects of Gods strength and how a thorough understanding of his sovereignty adds richness and peace to our lives. God is ultimately in control, Sproul asserts, from the tiniest details to the essential implications of salvation throughout eternity.

Sproul explains that God’s unchanging being is the source of his strength. God has proven this sovereignty throughout history, and through his Word he reveals his strength and control as it relates to sin, the problem of evil, small details of life, Satan, salvation, sanctification, and eternity.

Those undergoing suffering will benefit greatly from Sproul’s assertions about the purpose of pain in our lives and how God is still in loving control of all that happens to us. Almighty over All also holds key insights for those uncertain of their salvation.