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Six 30-Minute Messages.

Like no other contemporary issue, abortion raises fundamental questions of law, philosophy, religion, and justice. R.C. Sproul’s series navigates this complicated terrain with style and a deep commitment to examine objectively the case for and against abortion. Highly recommended.”
J.C. Willke, Former President of the National Right to Life Committee

If you would like to be able to present an intelligent, well-reasoned defense of the unborn without engaging in a shouting match, this series can help. Abortion: A Rational Look At an Emotional Issue can give you the confidence you need to influence our culture with the truth about the value of life.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
What Are the Key Issues?
How Sacred Is Human Life?
When Does Life Begin?
What Is the Relationship of Church & State?
What About Those Who Demand Their Rights?
What Is Your Verdict?