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We live in a world that has been profoundly shaped by events that occurred in the sixteenth century. In addition to landmark developments in economics, government, and culture, this crucial century witnessed a powerful renewal of biblical Christianity. Amid opposition and uncertainty, faithful Christian leaders expressed a passion for the gospel and a commitment to the authority of Scripture that have influenced generations of believers. In this third installment of his journey through church history, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey brings to life the stories of those who dedicated their lives to proclaiming the truth of God’s Word in the Protestant Reformation. 

Part 1 A.D. 100-600Part 2 A.D. 500-1500Part 4 A.D. 1600-1800Part 5 A.D. 1800-1900Part 6 A.D. 1900-2000 or the complete set are also available.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
Introduction to the Reformation
Martin Luther’s Early Life
Martin Luther & the German Reformation
Martin Luther & the Growing Protestant Movement
Martin Luther & the Anabaptists
From the German Reformation to Geneva
John Calvin & Geneva
The Theology of John Calvin
The Catholic Reformation
The Scottish Reformation
The Dutch Reformation
The Synod of Dort