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All people have a worldview. All people answer ultimate questions about truth and reality, whether consciously or unconsciously. And all people act according to those answers. Understand the big questions and the ways people answer them, and you’ll have real insight into the thinking and behavior of those around you.

In A Blueprint for Thinking, R.C. Sproul examines the big questions. He explores the basic elements of every worldview: epistemology (How we know what is true); metaphysics (how we know what is real); theology (discovering who God is); anthropology (discovering who man is); and ethics (discovering what right and wrong is). He also proves that the Christian answers to those questions are the truthful ones.

If you want to conform your own worldview to Christ’s, and help others do the same, A Blueprint for Thinking is for you. 

Messages in this Teaching Series
How Do We Know What We Know?
What Is Beyond the Physical?
Who Is the Truth?
How Does Truth Relate to Me?
How Does Truth Command Me?


Rock the cradle, rule the world


Okay, my kids are no longer cradle bound, but you know what I mean. I am teaching my teen philosophy, his text is "Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview" by Craig and Moreland (IVP). Sproul's "Blueprint for Thinking" CD series is an easy to understand overview of general philosophical principles; it is a great supplement to my 626 page college level text. Don't worry, you don't HAVE to read a textbook--this series is also a perfect introduction for the adult or teen who is not quite ready to tackle philosophy 101. I am so excited to have this resource! In fact, I will be allowing my teen to teach RC Sproul's series to a group of adults and families (with the assistance of the workbook.) I want the teens to learn, teach, and own this stuff, because they are going to need it. If you are concerned about your teens, consider this resource. They might not end up ruling the world, but at least the world won't end up ruling them.

Very concise, yet insightful !

Roque Garcia

Dr. R.C. Sproul's approach on contemporary thinking resulted very well based on simple and recognized facts, especially for those with knowledge on certain subjects. Great exposition,wonderful learning experience!

A fantastic introduction to apologetics

B.T. Robertson

The Blueprint for Thinking series introduced me officially to R.C. Sproul and his brilliancy. I grew up in a Christian home, but never really knew why I believed what I believed. Throughout life, I struggled almost constantly with praying to a God I wasn't sure existed; I'd been assuming He existed based wholly on my upbringing, not on evidence around me. This series changed my entire thought process on the matter, if the process I used could even be considered "thoughtful". Thinking is an exercise, not a static means of garnering information. The Blueprint for Thinking series gives you the basic foundations of a world view from the Christian perspective, but in way that is easy to understand and absorb. I give this series five stars because it launched me into a full investigative mode where thinking (I pray) is at the forefront. I understand God more thoroughly now than ever before, and I have been grounded in my faith.