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Christianity is not a faith that we make up as we go along. Rather, the Christian faith consists of objective truths revealed in Scripture and understood and articulated throughout the history of the church. Faithfulness to Christ demands that we know, articulate, and defend the essential doctrines of Christianity.

On April 27, 2019, Ligonier Ministries hosted a conference in Atlanta. Anthony Carter, H.B. Charles Jr., David Hall, and Burk Parsons considered six of the core teachings of the Christian faith, helping us understand exactly what we believe as Christians and why these doctrines are so important.

Messages in this Teaching Series
God’s Word to Us
God in Three Persons
Made in His Image
The Center of Our Creed
The Unbroken Chain of Salvation
Questions & Answers with Carter, Charles, Hall, and Parsons
The Church and God’s Plan for the Ages