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The June 2018 issue of Tabletalk will explore the biblical teaching on discipleship. During the earthly ministry of Jesus, He called twelve men to be Apostles, but He called many more men and women to be disciples. Indeed, Christ has continued to call disciples ever since. Every Christian is, in fact, a disciple—one called to learn at the feet of Jesus and to do what He commands. Today, however, there is much neglect of the process of Christian discipleship, with the result that it is hard for many people to understand what discipleship involves and what a faithful disciple of Jesus looks like. This issue will look at what discipleship entails and at the behavior of Christian disciples that we may grow in faithfulness to our Lord and in making disciples of all nations.

Contributors include Grant R. Castleberry, Anthony J. Carter, Mantle A. Nance, Greg D. Gilbert, Kyle Borg, Ken Jones, Augustus Nicodemus Lopes, Susan Hunt, Robert VanDoodewaard, Scotty Anderson, Robert W. Carver, William Barcley, Kevin D. Gardner, Leonardo De Chirico, C.N. Willborn, Roland S. Barnes, Adriel Sanchez, and Brad Waller.