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The July 2018 issue of Tabletalk will provide an overview of the history of the church during the eighteenth century. Few centuries have been as influential on modern evangelical Protestantism as the eighteenth century. While political revolutions were taking place in America and Europe, spiritual renewal was occurring throughout the church. Open-air preachers such as George Whitefield and John and Charles Wesley crisscrossed England and America proclaiming the gospel of grace. The First Great Awakening decisively shaped American evangelicalism, and America produced perhaps its greatest philosopher and theologian, Jonathan Edwards. The modern missionary movement was born, ushering in a new age of Protestant missions as missionaries were sent to Asia and many other places. This issue will consider the major events and figures of the eighteenth-century church and explore what we should learn from them today.

Contributors include Nick Needham, Ryan Reeves, Stephen J. Nichols, Michael A.G. Haykin, Michael Wittmer, Kerem KoƧ, and Jared S. Oliphint.