Reformation Bible College is the encapsulation of everything Ligonier Ministries stands for, and is a natural outgrowth of our decades of teaching Christians to think deeply, critically, and obediently about every aspect of faith by mining the riches of Scripture. For we know that when the Bible is taught clearly, God is seen in all of His majesty and holiness, and hearts are conquered, minds renewed, and communities transformed.

Through academically rigorous scriptural study, our desire is to offer students a deep, meaningful encounter with the author of history, the source of truth, and the sustainer of our faith.

We believe in the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of God's Word—holding that the living and active Word of God is still the greatest need in the world today. Our majors are specifically designed to give graduates a thorough knowledge of Scripture, theology, and the history of ideas.

Reformation Bible College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theology with majors in Biblical Studies and Christian Thought.

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