Oct 30, 2019

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Who has ultimate authority in the church? How can we be made right with God? These questions reverberated throughout medieval Europe, resulting in the Protestant Reformation. After centuries of darkness, the light of the gospel was recovered. Like the Reformers discovered five centuries ago, we have every reason to celebrate the grace of God revealed in His Word today.

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Deepen your understanding of the Reformation with courses like these:

  • Luther & the Reformation from R.C. Sproul explores how God used Martin Luther’s rediscovery of the true gospel to ignite the Reformation.
  • Reformation Truths from Michael Reeves gives doctrinal clarity by contrasting Reformation theology with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Justified by Faith Alone from R.C. Sproul presents the central doctrine recovered in the Reformation, answering the question, “What must I do to be saved?”
  • Reformation Profiles from Stephen Nichols follows the events of the Reformation from the perspective of important figures in four key countries.
  • The Puritans & the Reformation from Michael Reeves surveys the Reformation in the English-speaking world and major figures who helped shape it.

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