Aug 15, 2022

This Fall, Save 30% on Community Subscriptions to Ligonier Connect

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Ligonier Connect is an online learning platform designed to help you study the Bible and theology with more than 100 interactive video courses. A community subscription lets you unlock this expansive library of trusted teaching for your church small group, homeschool group, or family. By managing everyone’s subscription in one place, you can free up your community to focus on studying God’s Word while you save with a special rate.

For a limited time this fall, you can use coupon code COMMUNITY2022 to save an additional 30% on your first six months with a monthly community subscription. Select an annual subscription to save on your whole first year.


With Your Small Group

Ligonier Connect is a powerful tool to stimulate group discussion. With a community subscription, everyone in your small group can join the conversation.

Recommended Courses:

With Your Homeschool Group

Spiritual growth often begins and thrives at home. A community subscription empowers you to decide what your children learn, whether at home or in a co-op.

Recommended Courses:

With Your Family

Ligonier Connect features many courses that are well suited for married couples and their families. Supplement your family devotions with a community subscription.

Recommended Courses:

Our course library is always expanding, providing you with more ways to grow in your knowledge of the Bible, theology, the Christian life, church history, and much more. With affordable pricing for communities of all sizes, you can create a subscription that best suits your discipleship needs.

Do you already have a Ligonier Connect subscription that you want to turn into a community subscription? No problem. Simply add more seats to your current subscription and start inviting your community members immediately. It’s that easy.