Mar 26, 2015

For the Church: Singing Come, O Lamb of God

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"Come, O Lamb of God," from Dr. R.C. Sproul's Glory to the Holy One sacred music project, is a hymn of triumph in Christ. This hymn resembles psalms of confidence in its expression of trust in God's goodness and protection, and comfort in His presence amid all life's providences. Even when undergoing trials, its overall tone is triumphant and confident.

"Come, O Lamb of God" also parallels some themes penned in Martin Luther's "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God." Both hymns 1) stress the futility of relying on the flesh and the blessedness of trusting in Christ, 2) use robust, military-like language which accents Christ's victory over His enemies, 3) recognize Christ's Spirit in applying His work, and 4) and sing of the believer's joyful submission to God's Word.

Confidence in God is evidenced by a humble, bold prayer-life in which believers often cry out to the Lord with urgent tenacity. "Come, O Lamb of God" includes seven terse, earnest petitions which claim Christ's comprehensive work in believers' lives, "from glory to glory" (2 Corinthians 3:18), by fully delivering them from the penalty, pollution, power, and presence of sin.

"Come, O Lamb of God" also teaches a concise Christology and affirms a clear confession of faith in Christ as the Lion of Judah ("Roar forth, Thou King of Judah's seed"), Lamb of God ("Come, O Lamb of God, to save"), and Lord ("We love Thy law, O precious Lord"). Christ alone is worthy of our praise; He alone saves; He alone is Victor; and He alone, by His Word and Spirit, works in us "both to will and to do for His good pleasure" (Philippians 2:13) to affirm in joyful obedience, "We rise to Thee from bended knee to do whate'er You say. We give our love, our hearts, our all, Your summons to obey."


Come, O Lamb of God, to save
Our hearts are chilled with fear
Raise our souls from torpid daze
And send Thy Spirit near

Enflame our spirits by Thy power
Our zeal to persevere
Give life and breath to passive saints
To truth that You hold dear


We rise to Thee from bended knee
To do whate'er You say
We give our love, our hearts, our all
Your summons to obey

We love Thy law, O precious Lord
It brightens ev'ry path
In it we see Thy perfect rule
Thy mercy and Thy wrath


Roar forth, Thou King of Judah's seed
That we might never fall
Give strength and might
That we may heed
Thy sacred royal call


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