Dec 10, 2009

Become a Ministry Partner and Help Extend Your Reach

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At Ligonier Ministries our mission, passion, and purpose is to help people grow in their knowledge of God and His holiness. It is God's Word that transforms lives, churches, and cultures. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Sunday school and Seminary and flood our culture with knowledgeable and articulate Christians from every walk of life. In a similar way, Ligonier is reaching other countries both by supplying solid teaching to foreign pastors and by reaching directly to the people on broadcasts in Spanish, Farsi and English languages to places such as Colombia, Iran, and Africa.

Everyday, as we work to fulfill this mission, we need people like you to walk alongside us, pray for us, and to partner with us financially. The monthly Partnership Program is the most crucial support system we have for our ministry. These donors are truly the financial backbone of our work and support all our broadcasts, publishing, conference events, and international outreach. Do you realize that if you, and each person who is being edified, would consider giving monthly to the ministry, what an incredible difference that would make?

Our Message of the Month Partnership donations we suggest to begin at $25 per month. Some give more, some give less. This partnership combines financial support for the ministry as well as an opportunity for your own learning and growth. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars every month for Ligonier's outreach and operations. We do not carry large financial reserves, therefore Ministry Partners provide a stable base of support from which our outreach can move forward.

As a "thank you" for being a Ministry Partner, you will receive each month a copy of our Tabletalk magazine along with a CD containing R.C.'s Message of the Month. You will also receive updates on the ministry's progress and invitations to private events with Dr. Sproul and the Ligonier leadership team. We encourage you to duplicate each CD and personally extend your own outreach and give copies to those you would like to reach with God's message.

We want to help equip you and others to do God's work in His world. We want to be your partner in ministry. If you are ready now and would like to become a Ministry Partner, you can sign up on our website here, or you can call us at 1-800-435-4343. We rely on the grace of God and the support of friends like you to continue fulfilling our purpose in ministry. Together, by His grace, we can accomplish much for His glory. Thank you.