• In John 4:23, what does it mean to worship God “in spirit”? Question and Answer

    John 4:23

    In the context of John 4:23, it probably does mean worshiping in the power of the Holy Spirit. It would take a long time to explain fully what that means, but Jesus is looking forward to the fulfillment of His work. He is speaking to the woman at the well in John 4. He says, “The time is coming when you will no longer worship on this mountain, nor will you worship on the mountain of God” (John 4:21). He’s saying that the internationalization of the people of God, which happens on the day of Pentecost, means that place becomes … View Resource

  • Should our worship services be designed for Christians or non-Christians? Question and Answer

    The church is designed as the body of Christ. The sanctuary on Sunday morning is specifically a place for the people of God to come together for corporate worship, for the study of the Apostolic Word, and to make use of the sacraments and the other means of grace. Of course, unbelievers are welcome to attend. But the minute you design worship for the unbeliever, you’ve missed the whole point of biblical worship. That’s a very dangerous tendency we’re seeing today. This transcript is from an Ask R.C. Live event with R.C. SproulView Resource