• The Common End of Man and Beast Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 3:18-22

    Knowing that we will die just like the beasts, when viewed in the proper context, frees us not to take ourselves too seriously. Death is the great leveler, bringing the end to influence of king and commoner alike. This does not negate the importance of our decisions for eternity, but it does help us gain perspective on our successes and failures. Our mistakes will not derail God’s plan, and our successes should be enjoyed as gifts of the Lord on this side of eternity. View Resource

  • Earning an Honest Living Devotional

    Ephesians 4:28

    Scripture permits us to enjoy the material blessings that God provides, but it never tells us to hoard the fruits of our labor. Christians are to be the most generous of people, using their financial blessings to help those who are unable to satisfy their basic needs, especially impoverished believers. Such assistance, however, should not just be a handout but should be designed to help the poor learn to provide for themselves and for others as well. View Resource

  • For The Coming Generation Devotional

    Psalm 78:1–20

    As believers from the Reformed tradition, we firmly confess the sovereignty of God and the surety of His promises. Simply put, He cannot fail to preserve His people. Nevertheless, we do not deny the role of responsible human agents in this preservation. Through the efforts of faithful church officers, mothers, fathers, and mentors, the Lord hands on His truth from generation to generation. View Resource

  • Glory Through Glorification Devotional

    Romans 8:28–30

    Think about how amazing it is that the Lord has purposed to bring about His own glory in and through our glorification. God could have left us in our sin, and He would have been glorified in our condemnation. Yet, He has chosen His people that He might be glorified not only as Judge but also as Savior (Rom. 9:1–29). Because God has sworn that He will be glorified through our glorification, He cannot fail to bring our salvation to completion in the day of Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Leading by Example Devotional

    Ephesians 6:9

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower once observed that “leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” Good leaders do not lead by maintaining uncertain, ever-changing standards or by demeaning good workers. Instead, they serve those whom they supervise by encouraging them and setting a vision that all can seize and run with gladly. View Resource

  • Our Divine Vocation Devotional

    Luke 2:22–35

    Since God is absolutely sovereign over all and works all things according to His purposes (Eph. 1:11), we understand that every instance of suffering results from His calling upon us. This is true even when we do not know why we are suffering. The important thing is that He knows why we are suffering, and He is working to conform us to the image of Christ in the midst of our pain. For that we can always be grateful. View Resource

  • Paul’s Gospel Obligation Devotional

    Romans 1:13–15

    All believers have been called by God to a specific task and given certain gifts for ministry. The question for us is whether we feel driven to fulfill this vocation and use the gifts that the Lord has given us. Though our physical limitations and our sin may lead us into periods of apathy, one sign of the Spirit’s work in our hearts is that we feel compelled to serve God where He has called us and that we are eager to find ways to fulfill our vocations. View Resource