• Radical Depravity (Part 1) Media Resource by

    How often do we hear in our culture the adage, “He or she has a good heart”? This attribution of an innate, inherent goodness occurs frequently, and it demonstrates the general, common belief that mankind, despite his clear, unequivocal iniquity, ultimately is good. Contrary to this proposal, the Word of God paints a significantly different picture of the nature of humanity. Jesus declares (drawing from the Old Testament) to the rich young ruler in Matthew 19 that no one is good except for God, and He elaborates on man’s condition by asserting that humanity cannot reverse their position unaided. This … View Resource

  • Radical Depravity (Part 2) Media Resource by

    Understanding the true depth of man’s fallen nature can arouse a shudder, but sadness and fear should not remain the final response. On the contrary, properly understanding the depravity of man’s condition leads to a correct and exalted view of the true grace of God in salvation. Dr. Lawson continues to explain man’s spiritual tragedy in this lecture, and he encourages us to respond in thankfulness and to bestow compassion upon the lost, for if not for the grace of God, we too would remain in bondage to sin and Satan. View Resource

  • Total Depravity (Part 1) Media Resource by

    Original sin has marred our nature. We are depraved. But how depraved are we? Are we simply less than perfect? What kind of improvements can we make within ourselves to change sin’s effect? In this message, Dr. Sproul looks at the distinctive doctrine of Reformed theology that is often misunderstood—”Total Depravity.” View Resource

  • Total Depravity (Part 2) Media Resource by

    We are all sinful. But how sinful are we? Other than our shortened life-spans and bad habits, what real effect did the Fall have on the average everyday sinner? What effect does sin have on our decision making process? With what power did you use to choose the gospel? Dr. Sproul takes us to the Scriptures to find out what Jesus has to say about our ability to choose as he continues to look at “Total Depravity.” View Resource

  • Enslaved to Our Own Choices Media Resource by

    Sin is a cruel master, yet we still choose to sin. What does it take for a sinner to be free from the power of sin? Is it a matter of us choosing to come to faith in Jesus? How does the Father draw sinners to Himself? In this message entitled “Enslaved to Our Own Choices,” Dr. Sproul explains what the Father must do in order for a sinner to come to repentance. View Resource

  • Radical Corruption Media Resource by

    How would you describe yourself? Are you personable, kind, patient? Are you an over-all good person? Or would you describe yourself as depraved, corrupted, and evil to the core? In this message, Dr. Sproul begins the series entitled Total Depravity, as he discusses what this phrase does and does not mean. View Resource

  • Given Over to Ourselves Media Resource by

    What if God lifted His gracious hand from your life? The Apostle Paul gives us a clear cut answer that is anything but flattering. After reading the opening chapter of Romans, we are left with a dismal portrait of mankind without the grace of God. In this message, Dr. Sproul talks about what happens when God turns people over to their sin. View Resource

  • Moral Corruption Media Resource by

    How sinful is sin? Do we really understand the power of sin and its effects? What exactly does sin affect in our being? Are we all equally sinful or are some more sinful than others? These are just some of the questions Dr. Sproul looks at in this message, as he discusses the deep-rooted nature of sin in our lives and the corruption it has caused in every facet of our being. View Resource