• The Fourth Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:8–11

    In the ongoing call to be imitators of God (Eph. 5:1–2), one of the ways we can pattern our lives after His is to make sure we alternate periods of rest and work in our families. We should be setting aside time, especially on the Lord’s Day, to rest and spend time with our loved ones. We should also be diligently working during those times when we are not at rest. Would anyone be able justly to accuse you of working or resting too much? View Resource

  • That God’s Name May Be Honored Devotional

    1 Timothy 6:1

    The world is watching, so let us take care to live as God has told us to in order that we might please Him and not cause His name to be blasphemed among those who know us. Are we showing respect to our friends and neighbors? Are we showing honor to our employers and other leaders, even when we disagree with them? May we always submit to those whom we are called to submit in order that we might sanctify the name of the Lord. View Resource

  • Profane Oaths Devotional

    Leviticus 19:12

    Consider today whether you are a person of your word. Can your friends and family count on you to keep your commitments? If you consistently fail to keep your promises, then take better care to decide whether or not the promises you make can realistically be kept. It is better not to make promises than it is to promise and then fail to keep them. Let us make only promises that we are realistically able to fulfill. View Resource

  • The Third Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:7

    We can be careless with our speech and forget that the sinful cursing of others, spreading gossip, and other such things are ways we blaspheme the name of God. That is why it is so important for us to think before we speak, asking the Spirit to help us control our tongues. We should always think twice before we speak words that might hurt another person, because doing so can sometimes be to sin against the Lord. View Resource

  • Unprofitable Idols Devotional

    Isaiah 44:9–20

    The Creator has indeed revealed His express image in the Lord Jesus Christ; therefore, may we look to Him in order to understand who God is. Do you want to understand God’s kindness? Look to Jesus. Do you want to know God’s righteous anger? Look to Jesus. Everything that God is we can see in the person of Christ Jesus, and to conceive of Him in any way beyond what He has revealed in His Word is speculative and potentially idolatrous. View Resource

  • The Second Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:4–6

    Some people will disagree, saying that there is to be no art in the worship setting. While these opinions should be respected, we believe that to prohibit art is to neglect the fact that God is the fountainhead of all beauty. Whatever art is in our places of corporate worship, may we not forget that the Lord is indeed beautiful (Ps. 27:4) and is to be worshiped according to His unsurpassable loveliness. View Resource

  • One God, One Mediator Devotional

    1 Timothy 2:5–6

    Today, it is fashionable to believe there is one God but many paths of salvation by which access to this God is available. This is a horrible, deathdealing lie, for all who embrace it will deny the one way of salvation that has been revealed to humankind — faith in the person and work of the Godman and Messiah Jesus Christ. Pray that the Lord would always enable you to stand firm for this great truth. View Resource

  • No Other Gods Devotional

    Isaiah 45:1–7

    God is the only God who is; therefore, every other lesser “god” will, in the end, bring only disappointment. It is tragic that so many people have run after gods who cannot satisfy, and it is even more tragic when professing believers exalt that which is empty over the Father who sent His Son to give life to His people. Are you serving gods today that cannot satisfy, and if so, why are you waiting to put them away? View Resource

  • The First Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:1–3

    Modern Westerners are not likely to worship crass idols made of wood or stone. Our idolatry is more subtle and therefore more dangerous. We are apt to place money, material items, relationships, and other pleasures before our pursuit of God, so we should always be on guard against a “sophisticated” idolatry. May we always make the Lord first in our thoughts and desires. View Resource

  • A Day for Holiness Devotional

    Exodus 20:8–11

    Some people believe that Jesus fulfilled the Sabbath, therefore we do not have to keep it. But nowhere does Christ abrogate this one command of all the Ten. It was established at creation and will continue until glory. Confess the ways in which you fail to keep the Sabbath. Beginning this week, take serious steps to keep this law. View Resource

  • The Third Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:7

    The third commandment involves more than just using God’s name as if it were a swear word. It goes much deeper, to our very attitude in worship, to our worshiping sincerely and truthfully. Examine your life for the ways that you have broken this commandment. Confess them to the Lord today. He is faithful to forgive. View Resource

  • Make No Graven Image Devotional

    Exodus 20:4–6

    Consider how you have broken this command. How do you fashion images of God? Have you constructed any belief system about God that is contrary to the truth as He has revealed it in His word? Have you tried to make a physical image of God through an artistic medium? Consider this in light of the passages below. View Resource

  • The First Commandment Devotional

    Exodus 20:1-3

    As we go through the Ten Commandments, take time to examine yourself, to see how you are breaking each command. Then take the opportunity to confess your sin and ask forgiveness in Christ. Remember that when you sin, Jesus is willing and able to forgive. How do you break the first commandment? Confess it today. View Resource