• This Generation Media Resource by

    Mark 13:30-32

    Critics have argued that Jesus did not return when He predicted. In this message, R.C. Sproul examines this supposedly unfulfilled prophecy and defends the Bible’s credibility. View Resource

  • Literal or Figurative? Media Resource by

    Mark 13:24-27

    Jesus’ prophecy of His return includes both literal predictions and apocalyptic language. In this message, R.C. Sproul helps us interpret this difficult text. View Resource

  • The End of the Age Media Resource by

    Matthew 13:38-40

    When Jesus spoke about His coming at the end of the age, did He mean at the end of world history? In this message, R.C. Sproul explains that these passages describe not Jesus’ final judgment but something else entirely. View Resource

  • Questions and Answers Media Resource by

    View Resource

  • The Adulterous Woman Media Resource by

    John 8:1-11

    The Bible records Jesus writing only once. What did He write that day? What was so significant about the words He wrote, and what lesson can we learn from them? Thinking of this, Dr. Sproul talks about the woman caught in adultery, and how Christians should respond to fellow sinners in this message entitled “The Adulterous Woman.” View Resource

  • The Rich, Young Ruler Media Resource by

    Mark 10:17-31

    If you could ask Jesus just one question face-to-face, what would it be? In Scripture we can read a dialogue between Jesus and a man who had youth, wealth, and influence. But there was one thing he lacked. In this message, Dr. Sproul talks about the rich young ruler who asked the ultimate question. View Resource

  • The Woman at the Well Media Resource by

    John 4:1-42

    Everyone hungers for significance. We all desire purpose and meaning as we occupy this world. But what is it in life that brings you the most satisfaction? Is it life itself? Dr. Sproul contemplates this as he looks at Jesus’ encounter with a woman whose attempts for satisfaction only led her to public disgrace, in this message entitled ‘The Woman at the Well.” View Resource