• Jesus Predicts His Desertion Devotional

    John 16:29–32

    It is easy to be critical of the disciples for overestimating their own knowledge of God. Truthfully, however, we all tend to think we know more about the Lord and His Word than we actually do. We cannot afford to place confidence in ourselves, so let us continually strive to know God and the Scriptures better. We always have room to grow in our understanding of the Lord and His ways. View Resource

  • The Disciples’ Confusion Devotional

    John 16:16–19

    Sometimes we may find ourselves confused by something Jesus says or by something else recorded in Scripture. At such times, we must remember that the problem is not the Scriptures but us. Sometimes we read something that is hard to receive because we know following it will bring trials. At such times, let us ask God to strengthen us and make us faithful no matter what we must endure. View Resource

  • Rivers of Living Water Devotional

    John 7:37–39

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John, “With the Spirit’s coming … the priesthood of all believers became a reality—every member of the community of faith was endowed by the Holy Spirit, empowered from on high to participate in the ministry of Christ’s kingdom.” We ourselves are not sources of living water, but Christ empowers us by His Spirit and works through us to bless others. Let us be eager for Jesus to use us this way. View Resource

  • Judging with Right Judgment Devotional

    John 7:14–24

    Matthew 7:24 tells us that Jesus’ words, “Judge not, that you be not judged,” cannot mean that all of our judgments are wrong. Instead, Jesus wants us not to make wrong judgments. Let us not apply standards to others that we do not apply to ourselves. The religious authorities were guilty of using such inconsistent standards. By seeking to apply God’s law justly and holding others to the same standard to which we hold ourselves, we can judge with right judgment. View Resource

  • The True Family of Jesus Devotional

    Mark 3:31–35

    Calvin comments that “every one who is regenerated by the Spirit, and gives himself up entirely to God for true justification, is thus admitted to the closest union with Christ, and becomes one with him.” We can respect the members of Jesus’ earthly family and honor them for their faith, but they are not more special to Him than any other disciple is. By grace, He guards all of His people as members of His family. View Resource

  • Israel, the Son of God Devotional

    Hosea 11:1–7

    New Testament fulfillment language does not always mean a prophet directly saw an aspect of Jesus’ ministry. When the Apostles say Christ fulfilled a prophecy, they sometimes mean that He is the true realization of a particular old covenant theme or institution. Looking for such things when we read the Old Testament helps us better understand Christ’s work. These themes and institutions include such things as exodus, exile, restoration, prophet, priest, king, temple, and Israel. View Resource

  • Our Merciful, Faithful High Priest Devotional

    Hebrews 2:16–18

    Our Savior was truly tempted. Yet, He never gave in to sin. Because He succeeded, the glorified Christ, both in His humanity and in His deity, is able to give us just what we need to stand firm against the Evil One. We are united to the whole Christ by faith, and thereby we benefit both from His deity and His glorified humanity. This is a great mystery, but we can go to Him when we are tempted and trust Him for the resources to overcome sin. View Resource

  • The Bride and Her Husband Devotional

    Ephesians 5:22-33

    Jesus certainly loves us individually and justifies us via our personal faith in Him. However, the relationship between Christ and His bride is a relationship between the sovereign Lord and a corporate body. Jesus loves a people as His bride, and, consequently, we cannot be joined to Him as the one for whom He died if we have no love for His wife. Scripture knows nothing of the lone-ranger Christian who is uncommitted to the church. View Resource

  • Fulfillment in Christ Devotional

    Matthew 26:56a

    Take some time today to peruse the gospel of Matthew and reflect on some of the lessons we have learned this year. Consider how marvelous it is that God kept His promises to us when we did not keep our promises to Him. Remember that the resurrection of Jesus shows that the Father accepted His Son’s death as the atonement for sin and look forward to that day when we too will be resurrected to live forever with Him. View Resource

  • The Great Commission Devotional

    Matthew 28:16–20

    According to His promise, Christ is with us to the end of the age; thus, we may confidently go forth to fulfill the Great Commission, knowing that He will ensure its success. What is your role in His plan? Are you a gifted teacher who builds up disciples? Do your talents lie in producing goods that enable people to be sent? Are you sharing the gospel with friends and family? Let us go out and obey Christ’s command to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. View Resource

  • The Guards Sell Their Souls Devotional

    Matthew 28:11–15

    Most of us are probably not guilty of accepting payment to make up a lie about the Christ. However, all of us are tempted in various ways to sell our souls at the expense of broadcasting the truth. Perhaps we keep silent at work so that we can get that promotion. Maybe we never preach the gospel to our neighbors because we do not want to be ridiculed. Ask the Lord to enable you to stand firm for His gospel no matter the consequences. View Resource

  • Risen From the Dead Devotional

    Matthew 28:1–10

    The resurrection, besides providing for our justification and paving the way for the future resurrection, proves the God of the Old Testament is the one, true God, that Christ is His Son and Savior, and that in Him we have power over sin (James Boice, The Gospel of Matthew, vol. 2, p. 642). Take some time today to meditate on the significance of the resurrection and praise the Father that we who trust Jesus will likewise be raised. View Resource

  • Christ’s Tomb is Sealed Devotional

    Matthew 27:62–66

    The death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is not a myth invented by His disciples. He really died and He really rose again. There are many plausible arguments for the resurrection of Jesus, and many Christian apologists have put together helpful presentations of these details. This week, try to find a good resource on the evidence for the resurrection and arm yourself to defend its historicity should an opportunity ever present itself. View Resource

  • A Rich Man Buries a Poor Man Devotional

    Matthew 27:57–61

    Besides Joseph of Arimathea’s faithfulness in our Lord’s burial, note that Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joseph are also present when Jesus is laid to rest (Matt. 27:56, 61). Matthew Henry writes, “True love for Christ will carry us through to the utmost, in following him. Death itself cannot quench that divine fire.” Pray today that your fervor for Jesus would increase and that neither shame nor fear would keep you from following Him. View Resource

  • Three Faithful Women Devotional

    Matthew 27:55–56

    John Calvin says the women’s “eagerness for instruction led them to withdraw from their country, and constantly learn from the lips of Christ…they spared neither toil nor money, provided that they might enjoy his saving doctrine.” How eager are we to learn from Jesus? If these women could travel from Galilee to be with Him, can we not devote some time each day to call upon Him in prayer and study His Word? View Resource