• Contradiction Vs. Paradox Devotional

    2 Corinthians 13:14

    All drivers obey the law of noncontradiction. No one pulls out into the path of a speeding eighteen-wheeler thinking that the truck is both going to hit them and not hit them at the same time. When someone claims that contradiction and truth are compatible, show them that they obey the law of noncontradiction everyday without thinking about it. View Resource

  • Despising Our Heritage Devotional

    Romans 10:18-21

    While America and the West seem increasingly to reject the faith that shaped the culture, we are alarmed. While we may, indeed must pray for renewal and revival, let us be confident in God’s redemptive work and remember that He does not need us to reach His purposes. View Resource

  • The Kingdom Inaugurated Devotional

    Mark 1:12–13

    In our justification, God the Father counts us as righteous in Christ (2 Cor. 5:21), which means that He reckons us as having fulfilled the demands given to Israel and to Adam (this is what Jesus did as our representative). We are now to go and proclaim the good news of this kingdom and the reign of our King to all nations. Who in your life needs to hear the gospel? Take the steps necessary to learn the gospel well so that you can share it with that person. View Resource

  • The Need for Biblical Theology Devotional

    John 5:39

    View Resource

  • Peter, the Rock Devotional

    Matthew 16:13–20

    When we study Scripture, we should be careful not to let the excesses of opposing positions unduly influence our own applications of the text. All the teachings of those with whom we disagree may not necessarily be wrong, and we should strive to be faithful to God’s Word, not driven to make decisions that are contrary to what our opponents do just because we do not want in any way to look like them. Let us be true to Scripture no matter what others do. View Resource