• The Patience of Job Media Resource by

    James 5

    James presents Job as a prime example of patience in the face of pain and suffering. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas clarifies what James means by “the steadfastness of Job” by highlighting all of the ways Job has been faithful in his suffering. View Resource

  • Repentance & Restoration Media Resource by

    The book of Job ends on a positive note of repentance and restoration. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas discusses the significance of Job’s deeper relationship with God, the reconciliation with his friends, and the enjoyment of his renewed life. View Resource

  • Behemoth & Leviathan Media Resource by

    God challenges Job a second time by directing his thought to consider Behemoth and Leviathan. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas seeks to help us identify Behemoth and Leviathan and understand why they are relevant to Job’s suffering. View Resource

  • My Redeemer Lives Media Resource by

    For I know that my Redeemer lives” are perhaps the most well-known, hope-filled words in all the book of Job. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas examines this glimpse of Job’s faith and his continued belief in the justice of God and the resurrection to come. View Resource

  • Out of the Whirlwind Media Resource by

    Finally, God speaks, answering Job out of the whirlwind with a lengthy sequence of questions that reveal to Job the true nature of his complaint. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explains what these questions reveal about God and man. View Resource

  • The Wisdom of God Media Resource by

    The perplexing reality of pain and suffering makes us ask the question, “Where can wisdom be found?” In this lesson, Dr. Thomas recounts Job’s asking this question and his answer, “in the Lord.” View Resource

  • Contending with God Media Resource by

    Bildad the Shuhite is the next of Job’s friends to speak, but like Eliphaz before him, his understanding of justice causes him to wrongly doubt Job’s innocence. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas discusses the impossibility of contending with God. View Resource

  • Job, Satan, & God Media Resource by

    The book of Job begins by introducing us to its three most significant characters: Job, Satan, and God. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores the difficulty of Job’s suffering, Satan’s involvement, and God’s sovereignty. View Resource

  • The Dark Night of the Soul Media Resource by

    The third chapter of the book of Job is one of the darkest chapters in the Bible. In the midst of his suffering, Job begins to curse the day he was born. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores the dark imagery Job uses to describe his suffering and how we are to understand it as Christians. View Resource

  • Miserable Comforters Media Resource by

    Eliphaz is the first of Job’s friends to speak, but like all of Job’s friends, he is a miserable comforter. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores Job’s dialogue with Eliphaz and explains his improper use of the principle of repercussion. View Resource

  • Pain & Suffering Media Resource by

    God permitted Satan to attack Job’s family and his wealth. Satan then set his aim on Job’s health. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas engages with the difficult subject of pain and suffering in the life of the believer. View Resource

  • The Former Things Have Passed Away Media Resource by

    Although we suffer now, our present travails are nothing compared to the blessings that await us. In this lecture, Dr. R.C. Sproul looks at God’s promises concerning the final eradication of suffering in the new heavens and new earth. He will explain how all of redemptive history leads up to this time when the kingdom of God will be consummated and all tears will be wiped away. View Resource

  • Take Up Your Cross Media Resource by

    There are those who tell unbelievers that if they become Christians, all their troubles will be over. In reality, to become a Christian means to enter into an intense battle, and battles involve suffering. In this lecture, Dr. Derek Thomas examines what Scripture teaches us concerning the suffering of Christians in the present age. He will look at Christian suffering as part of the ongoing conflict between Christ and the seed of the Serpent. View Resource

  • The Suffering Servant Media Resource by

    In the Old Testament, the coming Messiah is described as the suffering servant and as a man of sorrows. In this lecture, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines Christ’s role as the suffering servant and the way in which suffering is dealt with on the Cross. View Resource

  • Love God? Sometimes I Hate Him!” Media Resource by

    Perhaps no one was more disturbed by his guilt than Martin Luther. As a monk, he’d spend hours confessing seemingly trivial sins. Many people today think of Luther as a morbid figure—or even insane. But Luther saw something others didn’t: the holiness of God and the perfection of His law. In this message, Dr. Sproul tells Luther’s story and how he finally found peace in the gospel. View Resource