• Take up Your Cross Media Resource by

    1 Peter 4:12-14

    Jesus tells us that His disciples must be willing to suffer for the sake of His name. In this session, Dr. Michael Reeves explores the purpose of suffering in the Christian life, offering comfort to believers that God is good even in the midst of our pain. View Resource

  • From Seals to Trumpets Media Resource by

    Revelation 7:13-9:4

    After John revels in the sight of the great multitude from every nation in praise of God in the heavenly throne room, the focus once more turns back to tribulation and suffering. In contrast with the rejoicing of God’s people who have emerged victorious from their earthly troubles, the cycle that follows speaks of the even greater suffering experienced by the unbelieving earth. As we move from the seals of the second cycle to the trumpets of the third cycle, Dr. Godfrey will point out key insights to help us better have a heavenly view of the suffering we see … View Resource

  • The Woman & the Dragon Media Resource by

    Revelation 11:19-12:14

    After presenting the first three literary cycles of seven letters, seven seals, and seven trumpets, John unveils a dramatic narrative about a woman and a dragon. Depicting the devil’s ferocious onslaught against the people of God, this central cycle of Revelation offers a vivid account of the trials and tribulations that Christians experience on earth. Nevertheless, this account also offers God’s people encouragement and hope that the dragon is defeated and their victory is assured. View Resource

  • Enduring Hardships Media Resource by

    Hebrews 12

    Christians are not exempt from the hardships and difficulties of this life. In fact, they often experience more suffering than those who do not profess Christ. When Christians fail to understand this reality, they can be easily deceived by those who falsely teach that all God wants for them is health, wealth, and happiness. In this lecture, Dr. Ferguson presents the true biblical view of suffering by examining the book of Hebrews. View Resource

  • Hope in the Midst of Futility Media Resource by

    Romans 8:18-25

    As a result of human sin, we experience brokenness and futility in all areas of life. The world in which we live retains much of its original majesty, but it is also in a state of groaning until the day when Christ will make all things new. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas discusses the profound effects of the fall on the world and describes the glorious hope we have in Christ of a world made new. View Resource

  • Refined by Fire: Awakening & Suffering Media Resource by

    Psalm 119:50

    Periods of awakening often coincide with periods of suffering for the people of God. The Bible indicates that Christians should expect suffering, for our Lord Himself suffered in this life (Matt. 16:24). This session provides an overview of the place of suffering in the Christian life, reminding us of our need of the Spirit to sustain us as we face personal trials and even direct persecution. View Resource

  • A Hard Life Media Resource by

    1 Peter 4:14-19

    The biblical message of salvation does not guarantee peace and prosperity in this life. The Bible clearly teaches that many Christians will experience suffering. This session will focus on 1 Peter 4:14-19 to explain what it means to endure hardship and trials in the Christian life. View Resource

  • Psalm 77: Questions in Grief Media Resource by

    Psalm 77

    Psalm 77 is characteristic of the psalms of crisis in Book Three of the Psalter, but unlike many of these psalms, it ends in hope. In this lesson, Dr. Godfrey employs Psalm 77 as the key to an appropriate response to God in our times of trouble. View Resource

  • The Patience of Job Media Resource by

    James 5:7-11

    James presents Job as a prime example of patience in the face of pain and suffering. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas clarifies what James means by “the steadfastness of Job” by highlighting all of the ways Job has been faithful in his suffering. View Resource

  • Repentance & Restoration Media Resource by

    Job 42

    The book of Job ends on a positive note of repentance and restoration. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas discusses the significance of Job’s deeper relationship with God, the reconciliation with his friends, and the enjoyment of his renewed life. View Resource

  • Behemoth & Leviathan Media Resource by

    Job 40-41

    God challenges Job a second time by directing his thought to consider Behemoth and Leviathan. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas seeks to help us identify Behemoth and Leviathan and understand why they are relevant to Job’s suffering. View Resource

  • My Redeemer Lives Media Resource by

    Job 18-19

    For I know that my Redeemer lives” are perhaps the most well-known, hope-filled words in all the book of Job. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas examines this glimpse of Job’s faith and his continued belief in the justice of God and the resurrection to come. View Resource

  • Contending with God Media Resource by

    Job 8-9

    Bildad the Shuhite is the next of Job’s friends to speak, but like Eliphaz before him, his understanding of justice causes him to wrongly doubt Job’s innocence. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas discusses the impossibility of contending with God. View Resource

  • Job, Satan, & God Media Resource by

    Job 1

    The book of Job begins by introducing us to its three most significant characters: Job, Satan, and God. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores the difficulty of Job’s suffering, Satan’s involvement, and God’s sovereignty. View Resource

  • The Dark Night of the Soul Media Resource by

    Job 3

    The third chapter of the book of Job is one of the darkest chapters in the Bible. In the midst of his suffering, Job begins to curse the day he was born. In this lesson, Dr. Thomas explores the dark imagery Job uses to describe his suffering and how we are to understand it as Christians. View Resource