• Sovereign over Suffering Devotional

    Genesis 50:15–21

    God always has a good purpose for allowing suffering to come into our lives, but we do not always know what that purpose is. Yet, because we know the Lord is perfectly good (James 1:13–18), we trust that He will work all of the pain that we endure for our final good and His final glory. The better we know the character of our Creator, the better we will be able to trust in His goodness and grace in the midst of all our suffering. View Resource

  • Mirth and Mourning Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 7:2–4

    Although the many entertainment options we have today are not inherently bad, they might get in the way of sustained, biblical reflection on the things of God if we are not careful. That is why we must take time on a regular basis to meditate on Scripture and what it tells us about the Lord and His ways. May we find ways to spend this time of meditation on God and His gospel of salvation, always being careful to use His Word as our guide. View Resource

  • The End of the Wicked Devotional

    Proverbs 11:7–8

    Some people have found Proverbs unrealistic, believing that it has no place for the suffering of the righteous. as noted, however, Proverbs has a well-orbed theology that recognizes the pain of God’s people and the trouble even the most faithful individuals must endure. It also encourages us in the hope of deliverance. We may suffer for the Lord now, but we will one day be rewarded, and the wicked who oppose God and His people will receive their due. View Resource

  • A Prayer for Deliverance Devotional

    Psalm 6

    Only when we have a high view of God’s sovereignty will we be able to understand that God uses the pain in our lives to discipline us, either to show us the consequences of our sin or to keep us drawing closer to Him. When we are disciplined for our sin, in fact, He brings us to Himself and helps us understand the ways our transgression affect ourselves and others. Because God is in control of all, all of our pain is meaningful and used by Him for a good end (Rom. 8:28). View Resource

  • The Wisdom of Job Devotional

    Job 42

    Wise people maintain the distinction between Creator and creature, recognizing that there are some matters where God has chosen to remain silent. They respect the Lord’s decision and do not try to speak where He has not spoken. They trust in His sovereignty and goodness, believing that He will be faithful to all of His promises. May that be true of us, that we might be wise and trustworthy servants of God. View Resource

  • No Separation from God’s Love Devotional

    Romans 8:38-39

    Many Christians will accept that nothing outside of ourselves can separate us from God’s love, but they live with the constant fear that they might jump out of the Lord’s saving hand. But we are a part of creation, and if nothing in creation can separate us from God’s love, then we cannot separate ourselves from His love. His love for His people does not wax and wane. If He loves us in Christ, He loves us forever. View Resource

  • God’s Work for Our good Devotional

    Romans 8:28

    God works all things together for our good if we love Christ. Not just some things, not just most things, but all things are used by Him for our ultimate good and His final glory, which is the highest good of all (Col. 1:27). When we walk through the most difficult things in life, we should never lose heart. Even if we cannot see it now, God is taking what others have planned for evil and using it for your good. If you are in Christ, He is working all things for your good. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Glory Devotional

    1 Peter 4:14

    The work of the Holy Spirit is extensive, and we will explore further how we may walk in the Spirit next week. We should note today, however, that the Holy Spirit does not tend to make a fuss about Himself; rather, He continually points us to Christ. When we see people attempting to honor the biblical Christ, build His kingdom, and serve others in Jesus’ name, we can be sure that the Holy Spirit is doing His work. View Resource

  • Our Final Rescue From Affliction Devotional

    2 Thessalonians 1:5–10

    At His return, Jesus “will take me and all his chosen ones to himself into the joy and glory of heaven” (The Heidelberg Catechism, A. 52). What greater comfort could there be than to know that we will live before the face of God forever, free from sin and all the pain that it causes? Let us pray that we will always long for this great day and that our longing for it will make us more willing to suffer for the kingdom whenever it is necessary. View Resource

  • Belief and Suffering Devotional

    Philippians 1:29–30

    If we are surprised when persecution comes, then we will find it more difficult to endure it and experience the grace of God in our suffering. Yet as we remember that both belief and suffering are granted to us by the Lord, we will not be taken aback when pain comes our way for believing in Jesus. We will also be looking for ways that we can mature as we suffer for boldly proclaiming the gospel. View Resource

  • A Sign of Destruction and Salvation Devotional

    Philippians 1:28

    We do not earn our place in heaven through the consistent endurance of persecution and harassment. Rather, such endurance proves that we have the faith that can alone lay hold of the benefits of salvation, for “the one who endures to the end will be saved” (Matt. 10:22). Our primary prayer should not be that we would escape persecutions great or small but that we would have the grace to endure them faithfully. View Resource

  • Suffering and Glory Devotional

    Ephesians 3:13

    We are not discouraged when we suffer, not because we deny our hurt and pain, but because we know that suffering for Jesus proves our faith — the path to ultimate glory. Each time we endure scorn or injury for being faithful to the gospel, let us recall that this is the calling that Christ has given us. Consequently, we should not think it strange that we suffer; in fact, we should question our loyalty to Jesus if we never taste hardship for His name. View Resource

  • Enduring Love Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:7

    To speak of suffering as a loving expression of God’s discipline is not to say that there is always a one-to-one correlation between a specific sin we have committed and our trial. Such a correlation may be true in some instances, but God’s discipline is broader than just correcting us for specific sins. He is also teaching us to rely only on Him — to love Him absolutely even when everything may be falling apart around us. View Resource

  • Filling Up Christ’s Afflictions Devotional

    Colossians 1:24

    We may not always think of it in this way, but our suffering for the cause of Christ actually brings us closer to the day of His return, for God has ordained that the day of Jesus’ victorious coming would be hastened through the work of His people (2 Peter 3:11–13). It is therefore possible to find comfort and joy as we endure pain and tragedy for the gospel’s sake, for our trouble is filling up what is lacking in the messianic woes allotted to this age. View Resource

  • Fearing God Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11-12

    Patience is a key virtue in the Christian life because of our need to take a long view of things. It can be difficult to remain faithful in suffering or to spend hours ministering with little visible return. When we take the long view of things, however, we find the strength to press forward even in the context of great difficulty. Let us surround ourselves with people who will encourage us to take, as we are able, an eternal perspective on all things. View Resource