• Suffering: A Divine Vocation Media Resource by

    Job 13:15

    Scripture bears witness to the fact that there are those who have been called to suffer. But suffering for suffering’s sake is not part of God’s plan. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul introduces us to a man in Scripture who was well acquainted with suffering. View Resource

  • Job Media Resource by

    Job 1:1-17

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  • Job Media Resource by

    Job 1:1-17

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  • Jairus’ Daughter Media Resource by

    Luke 8:40-48

    Is the Sovereign Lord of the Universe too busy for you? Do you feel as if your problems are on the bottom of His to-do list? There are many who begin to wonder if God will ever release them from their affliction. In the eighth chapter of Luke’s Gospel, we read about two daughters who suffered unto poverty and even death; and in this message Dr. Sproul shows us how suffering, fear, and faith were used as opportunities for Jesus to exercise His healing touch. View Resource

  • Suffering Long for Unity Media Resource by

    Ephesians 4:2-6

    All of us have been hurt before by somebody’s slander or verbal attacks. Worst of all, this has happened to us by our brothers and sisters in the church. But how long do we have to take it? Why do we have to take it? What is the goal of longsuffering in the church? In this message entitled “Suffering Long for Unity,” Dr. Sproul teaches us about the three-fold goal of our longsuffering. View Resource

  • Fear God, Keep His Commandments Media Resource by

    Ecclesiastes 9:9-12

    What is the meaning of life? For so many, this question has led to endless pursuits of pleasure, achievement, and contentment. After all our study, toil, and pursuit of wisdom, after all our suffering and endurance, when it is all said and done, what is the essence of life? Is there any meaning in all of this? Is there any answer to be found under the sun? In this message, Dr. Sproul shows us from the book of Ecclesiastes that the meaning of life—the essence of wisdom—is encapsulated in six words: “Fear God and Keep His Commandments.” View Resource

  • The Futility of Life Media Resource by

    Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

    Is there any meaning in life? What is the point of all this? Why do we wait for the end when we know it is coming? Beginning this study on the book of Ecclesiastes, Dr. Sproul explores the only two options we have when we consider the purpose of life. View Resource

  • Wisdom Through Suffering Media Resource by

    Ecclesiastes 7-8

    From a mere human perspective, it appears that many people with no regard for righteousness seem to be happier than others. They are successful in their worldly pursuits of pleasure and prosperity, while those who seek righteousness seem to find struggle and hardship. Is this picture accurate? Is there anything to gain from suffering? Considering this in this message, Dr. Sproul helps us see things from a different perspective, that there is something to be gained through suffering. View Resource

  • Understanding Suffering Media Resource by

    Luke 13:1-5

    When you face suffering at any level, how do you handle it? Do you deny its existence; become indifferent to its effects; cover it up; or courageously take it head on? In this message entitled “Understanding Suffering,” Dr. Sproul explains the different responses people have to suffering, and what the biblical response should be. View Resource