• The Terrible Truth Media Resource by

    Isaiah 43:2

    Where is God in our suffering? In this message, Elisabeth Elliot examines the terrible realities of tragedy and loss and considers how we can reconcile them with the truth of God’s sovereignty and love. View Resource

  • Transfiguration Media Resource by

    Isaiah 58:10-11

    The cross of Jesus Christ does not exempt His people from suffering but rather transforms the ashes of our lives into something beautiful for God’s glory. In this message, Elisabeth Elliot describes how, as we faithfully take up our own crosses each day, the Lord takes our sorrow in order to give us His joy. View Resource

  • Acceptance Media Resource by

    Psalm 116

    The mystery of why we suffer cannot easily be explained, but it must be accepted. In this message, Elisabeth Elliot unpacks how we can faithfully accept the reality of suffering in this world by relying on the Lord’s unfailing promises. View Resource

  • Offering Media Resource by

    Romans 12:1

    Everything that we have is a gift from God. How will we return it to Him in praise? In this message, Elisabeth Elliot observes that the Lord is pleased with what we offer Him in faith, even if a broken heart is all that we have to give. View Resource

  • The Message Media Resource by

    Job 38-39

    Job, one of the earliest books of the Bible, deals most specifically and directly with the subject of suffering. In this message, Elisabeth Elliot looks at how suffering can draw our attention to God, observing how Job helps us walk through life’s hardships. View Resource

  • Questions & Answers Media Resource by

    Isaiah 58:10-11

    How do we trust the Lord when life is falling apart? How should we respond if friends avoid us as we experience great suffering? In this message, Elisabeth Elliot responds to questions about suffering, loss, and reliance on the unfailing grace of God. View Resource

  • The Former Things Have Passed Away Media Resource by

    Although we suffer now, our present travails are nothing compared to the blessings that await us. In this lecture, Dr. R.C. Sproul looks at God’s promises concerning the final eradication of suffering in the new heavens and new earth. He will explain how all of redemptive history leads up to this time when the kingdom of God will be consummated and all tears will be wiped away. View Resource

  • Take Up Your Cross Media Resource by

    There are those who tell unbelievers that if they become Christians, all their troubles will be over. In reality, to become a Christian means to enter into an intense battle, and battles involve suffering. In this lecture, Dr. Derek Thomas examines what Scripture teaches us concerning the suffering of Christians in the present age. He will look at Christian suffering as part of the ongoing conflict between Christ and the seed of the Serpent. View Resource

  • The Suffering Servant Media Resource by

    In the Old Testament, the coming Messiah is described as the suffering servant and as a man of sorrows. In this lecture, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines Christ’s role as the suffering servant and the way in which suffering is dealt with on the Cross. View Resource

  • If God Is Good, Why Do I Suffer? Media Resource by

    Genesis 18:20-33

    The Bible tells us that God is all powerful and altogether good. Yet as we look around our world, we see so much suffering, pain, and evil. How can this be? Why does God permit suffering? In this message, Dr. Sproul examines this age-old question and comforts us that, for the Christian, God works through the tragedies of this life and uses them for our good. View Resource

  • Bears & Endures Media Resource by

    1 Corinthians 13:7

    In the midst of suffering, what will help us bear up under it and endure the long haul? What will go the distance through all the peaks and the valleys in our lives? Dr. Sproul considers these questions as he explores true qualities of love not found in the world’s idea of love; taking a deeper look at how love “Bears and Endures” all things. View Resource

  • Purpose in Suffering Media Resource by

    John 9:1-3

    Years after the events of 9/11, you can still see bumper stickers that read “Never Forget.” As we reflect on those seemingly senseless events, can we confidently conclude that they were acts of divine judgment? Can we confidently conclude that they were not? Is it possible that God was involved at all? In this message entitled “Purpose in Suffering,” Dr. Sproul explains how no event is without purpose, no matter how tragic. View Resource

  • When Towers Fall Media Resource by

    Luke 13:1-5

    When tragedies occur, people question their views of God, good and evil, and their own mortality. Questions like: Why did all those innocent people have to die? Why did God let this happen? Where is God in all of this? In Jesus’ own day, people had the same kinds of questions when tragedy struck. Jesus gave unpopular, and indeed hard answers, to those seeking comfort and understanding. Dr. Sproul discusses these in this message as he begins this series on the Hard Sayings of Jesus. View Resource

  • Trials or Trails Media Resource by

    James 1:2-4

    Who of us does not want to be complete? In our lives as Christians we should be striving for holiness and spiritual maturity. The best thing we could do towards that end is to take full advantage of the means of grace, such as the reading of Scripture and partaking in the sacraments. But, you may be surprised to hear about some other things the Lord uses in our sanctification process. What are these things? James tells us in his epistle. In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us about the essential role trials have in our lives as Christians. View Resource

  • Suffering: A Case Study Media Resource by

    1 Peter 4:12

    Perhaps the most common question that arises from amid our suffering is WHY. Why am I in so much pain? Why did my child die? Why did God let this happen? Certainly these are very difficult questions. Some years ago Dr. Sproul was asked to present a series of lectures to a group of medical professionals to help them help those who are suffering. View Resource