• Anchoring Your Soul Devotional

    Is your soul anchored to the biblical hope of the future, the new heaven and earth, where there will be no more sin and suffering? View Resource

  • Counting It All Joy Devotional

    Habakkuk 3:17–19

    Our future hope, rightly understood, does not make us callous to the needs and importance of this present life. Instead, it makes us live today with confidence, sure of the Lord’s presence as we courageously face the unknown. “This slight momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison” (2 Cor. 4:17). If you find it hard to be joyful, consider whether you are too attached to this life and not enough to the life to come. View Resource

  • Understanding Suffering Devotional

    Psalm 23

    The Lord never tells His people that they will not suffer. This is all the more important to remember in the midst of a culture that wants instant gratification and believes it is a divine right to avoid pain and have a comfortable life. Knowing that suffering will surely come encourages us to look for God’s presence in our troubles. For as we see in today’s passage, we can be assured that He is with us even as we go through the darkest times. View Resource

  • Be Not Surprised Devotional

    1 John 3:12–13

    Biologically speaking, Cain and Abel were from the same family. However, they did not share the same spiritual heritage. Though we might think they were brothers, in an ultimate and eternal sense they were not. The church can also be viewed this way. We might belong to a corporate body, a manifestation of the visible church, but if we hate others in it, we are not children of God and not a part of the invisible church. Tell a fellow Christian that you love him today. View Resource

  • Called to Suffer Devotional

    1 Peter 2:20b–21

    Take some time today to read through 1 Peter and consider the call to stand firm for Jesus even when it brings suffering to us. Spend some time in prayer meditating on how willing you are to bear the sufferings of Christ wherever you happen to be. Ask the Lord to strengthen you and establish you that you might be able to endure eagerly and faithfully the difficulties that come with being a Christian. Find a group of believers who can encourage you to stand firm for Christ. View Resource

  • A Divine Vocation Devotional

    Luke 2:22–35

    Lest we think that Christ bore His pain with ease, let us remember that even Jesus asked for the cup of suffering to pass from Him (Luke 22:39–42). Yet He did this in faith, submitting to the Father’s will when it was clear that He alone could fulfill the call to suffer for the sake of His people. Like Jesus, we may ask for our suffering to pass, but whether it does or not we must always trust the Father and His good purposes for our suffering. View Resource

  • Surprised by Suffering Devotional

    Genesis 50:15–21

    When we come to the issue of suffering, we can see how God’s sovereignty is a comfort to us. Because He is in full control of all events past, present, and future, we know that ultimately there can be no such thing as meaningless suffering. Though we may not always understand the purpose in our pain, we can be sure that God is working good in it (Rom. 8:28). Do you trust that He is doing this? Ask the Lord to build up your trust in His goodness, despite your hardships. View Resource

  • Be Not Ashamed Devotional

    1 Peter 4:16

    John Calvin writes, “it is no common kindness from God, that he calls us, freed and exempted from the common punishment of our sins, to so honourable a warfare as to undergo for the testimony of his Gospel either exiles, or prisons, or reproaches, or even death itself.” Are you ashamed to suffer for the cause of Christ? Go before the Lord today and pray that you would be proud to be His servant. Pray for Christians worldwide that they would proudly suffer for their King. View Resource

  • Deserved Suffering Devotional

    1 Peter 4:15

    How apt are you to play the part of the righteous victim? Do you become indignant when you experience hardship even though you might deserve it for meddling in someone else’s affairs? Though we are called to rescue others from sin (James 5:19–20), sometimes we are prone to get involved in matters that do not concern us or in which our “help” is not needed. Do your best to stay out of matters that do not concern you and in which your involvement is not necessary. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Glory Devotional

    1 Peter 4:14

    Peter reminds us today that if we suffer for bearing the name of Christ we are blessed. Just as the Holy Spirit rested upon Jesus, so too does He rest upon us, and our suffering proves that we indeed have been filled with the Spirit. As we seek to be sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we will experience more the blessing that comes with suffering. In prayer, ask that you would look for and experience His presence in the midst of your difficulties. View Resource

  • Arm Yourselves Devotional

    1 Peter 4:1–2

    When Peter says that those who suffer in the flesh have ceased from sin, he is not teaching that sinless perfection is possible in this life. Until we are glorified we will still sin. However, as John Calvin writes, if we are united to Christ “we are really and effectually supplied with invincible weapons to subdue the flesh.” Make every effort to arm yourself with Christ’s manner of thinking so that you would be willing to suffer rather than do evil. View Resource

  • Christ Our Example Devotional

    1 Peter 2:21–23

    Jesus is our example as we suffer when doing good. Like Him, we must not retaliate in kind, but we must entrust ourselves to the care of our Father knowing that He will justly repay all those who have treated His children unjustly. Take some time today to reflect on those times when you have suffered for doing good. If you have retaliated for such mistreatment, go and make amends if possible. Ask the Lord to enable you to entrust yourself wholly to His care. View Resource

  • Righteous Suffering Devotional

    1 Peter 2:18–20

    Though the broad teaching of Scripture sets the trajectory for the abolition of slavery, Peter’s concern is not to comment on the morality of this practice but rather to show us how we may live honorably as servants of Christ (v. 12). When we endure suffering without seeking revenge we imitate the character of our Lord and bear witness to His grace. If you must deal with a harsh supervisor, seek not to take revenge so that your witness to Christ may not be compromised. View Resource

  • Rejoice in Hope Devotional

    1 Peter 1:6–7

    Christian joy neither stoically denies the hardships of life nor pretends that we are happy when we are deeply sad. While we live in this fallen world, grief and joy exist together. We grieve because life is hard and because pain is real. But in faith we can rejoice, looking forward to the day when all will be renewed, knowing that Christ’s resurrection guarantees this hope. Find someone with whom you can share your grief and who will help you rejoice in your eternal hope. View Resource

  • Hope in Suffering Devotional

    1 Peter 5:12

    Take some time today to ask yourself: “Where does my hope lie?” Does it lie in your being accepted by this world, or have you placed your hope in Christ alone and in your citizenship in His kingdom? Read through 1 Peter and ask God to begin to impress upon your mind and heart the message of the apostle. Ask Him to enable you to place your hope in Him alone and to stand firm as you live as an exile in this fallen world. View Resource