• Generous Giving Devotional

    Proverbs 28:27

    Many pastors and teachers have suggested that we take a look at our checkbooks and bank statements for a true measure of where our trust lies. If we cannot find evidence of generous giving to the kingdom of God and those who are truly in need, we may be lacking the trust in the Lord that we profess. Let us strive to be generous with what we have, trusting in God to supply our every need. View Resource

  • Why Do Some People Live in Poverty? Devotional

    Deuteronomy 15:11

    To be wise stewards of God’s resources, we must provide real help to people who are truly in need. Many well-intentioned people support programs that do not provide truly helpful assistance to the poor, and others refuse to help the poor because they think that everyone who suffers in poverty has brought it on through laziness. Let us seek to be wise in how we provide for those in need, and may we never turn away someone who truly needs our help. View Resource

  • Valuing Goods and Services Devotional

    Luke 12:34

    Our subjective valuations can also come into play in how we show that we value God above all else. Some may prize one-on-one ministry so highly that they forgo a lucrative secular career for the simple life of a missionary. Others who value God’s kingdom equally highly may put less value on personal missions work. Thus, they become entrepreneurs and financially support many missionaries. There are many different ways to show that we value God and His kingdom above all else. View Resource

  • Total Commitment and Generosity Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11:1–2

    God will have all of us or He will have none of us. There is no such thing as halfhearted commitment to the Lord. Until the Lord returns, we will fall short and sometimes try to hold some things back from His control. But true Christians will have the direction of their lives oriented in the main to serving God with all that they are. They serve Him eagerly, and they are continually repenting for whatever they might try to hold back from His lordship. View Resource

  • Honoring God with Your Wealth Devotional

    Proverbs 3:9–10

    The truth of Proverbs 3:9–10 is seen ultimately in the new heaven and earth where we all will possess a mansion (John 14:2 KJV). Moreover, the incredible truth of the gospel is that God makes us into His firstfruits, the first and best of what is given to Him. As James 1:18 states, the Lord has brought us forth as firstfruits. Our giving to God and His work is a tangible expression of the trust by which the Lord makes us into the first and best of what He owns. View Resource