• The Beginning of the End for Judah Devotional

    2 Kings 23:30b–24:7

    Although the final days of Judah were filled with much trouble, we can take comfort from the fact that God fulfilled His promise to discipline Judah for her sins in that it proves His justice and trustworthiness. When the Lord makes a promise, He cannot fail to keep it. That means His promises are sure and that He is worthy of all our trust. View Resource

  • Listening with a Discerning Ear Devotional

    Proverbs 18:2

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  • Processed Religion Devotional

    Hebrews 5:12-14

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  • Our Arena for Growth Devotional

    Ephesians 4:12-14

    God has designed us as individuals and His church as a corporate body such that we grow to maturity within the context of the local church’s ministry. No amount of study that we do on our own, however helpful it may be, can substitute for the benefit we receive by participating in the educational ministry of our local church. Let us not fail to participate in the church, which is God’s primary arena for our spiritual growth. View Resource

  • Growth by Degrees Devotional

    2 Corinthians 3:18

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  • A Condition for Forgiveness Devotional

    Mark 11:25

    In a sermon on the parallel to today’s passage in Matthew 6, Augustine of Hippo warns us lest we forgive only with our mouths and not with our hearts. When others ask for our forgiveness, we must not hold a grudge even though we may say we have forgiven them. As always, God is most concerned with our hearts, and our forgiving hearts indicate that we have seen our sin and have truly cast ourselves on the Lord’s mercy. View Resource

  • Believing Prayer Devotional

    Mark 11:20–24

    Dr. R.C. Sproul also comments on today’s passage that praying in faith means being willing to acquiesce to God’s will when He says no to our requests. Faith fuels prayer, but it is not faith in what we ask for but faith in the Lord. He alone knows what is best for us, and we trust Him to answer us as He sees fit, for His answer is ultimately for our good and His glory (Rom. 8:28). View Resource

  • Exalting the Lord’s Kingdom, Power, and Glory Devotional

    1 Chronicles 29:11

    In its liturgical form, the Lord’s Prayer begins and ends with God’s holy name, His kingdom, and His glory. The church has been wise in this, and we can learn from the saints who have gone before us that we should begin and end our prayers by praying for the coming of God’s holy, powerful, and glorious kingdom. Let us pray for that today. View Resource

  • Praying for God’s Forgiveness Devotional

    Matthew 6:12

    When others come to us for forgiveness and ask for our pardon, we must forgive them. We cannot continue to hold their sin against them or harbor bitterness in our hearts toward them. Insofar as we are able, we are to pursue reconciliation. But we are not to do this by ignoring justice. Forgiving others and seeking justice for them if they have harmed others are not incompatible. View Resource

  • Healings in Gennesaret Devotional

    Mark 6:53–56

    We must take care not to view Jesus merely as a miracle-worker whose purpose is always to restore us physically. Nevertheless, we must believe that Christ can heal us when we seek His face. Of course, He has the sovereign right to determine whom, when, and how He will heal, but make no mistake, Jesus can and often does heal us when we ask Him to do so. View Resource

  • Confronting Public Sins Devotional

    Mark 6:17–19a

    Under the terms of the new covenant, the church is not to exercise the state’s calling to bear the sword against evildoers. That does not mean, however, that the church is to be silent when it comes to politics and national leadership. In a spirit of humility, the church is to preach against the sins of the state and call both leaders and citizens to repentance. View Resource

  • Binding the Strong Man Devotional

    Mark 3:27

    We dare not underestimate the power and influence of Satan. Yet, we need not fear him either. He is the strong man whom Jesus has bound, and he is unable to hold on to what rightfully belongs to God and His people. We can preach the gospel with confidence, knowing that the Lord will use it to liberate sinners from the devil’s snare. If we trust in Christ, we are on His side, and He will give us victory over the devil and all his minions. View Resource

  • A House Divided Devotional

    Mark 3:22–26

    We must be on guard against the great deceiver, for Satan is cunning and may hide behind a cloak of pretended righteousness. However, we can be confident that his deception cannot last forever. It will finally be revealed for the deception that it is. If the gospel is truly at work, the devil will not be able to trick us forever, as true spiritual fruit cannot be imitated but can result only from the authentic work of God the Holy Spirit. View Resource

  • Glory to the Name of the Lord Devotional

    Psalm 115:1–8

    Often we present our supplications to the Lord as a list of needs that do not call for His glory to be manifest. Certainly, it is appropriate to pray for our God to satisfy our needs, but our chief reason for asking for His help should be so that others will see His glory as He rescues us. As we ask the Lord to glorify Himself by meeting our needs, our prayers become more God-centered and we pray more effectively, asking the Lord to do only what will bring Him glory in our lives. View Resource

  • Remembering God While We Are Young Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 12:1–8

    Whether we are young or old, our lives on this side of the grave will not go on forever. A day is coming in which we will stand before our Creator, and He will reveal how we have remembered Him. If we have remembered His character and what He has done, repenting of our sin and trusting in Him alone, we will inherit eternal life. But if we die without having remembered the Lord, we will suffer the eternal pain and death of hell. View Resource