• The Fruit of the Spirit Devotional

    Galatians 5:16–26

    The standard for bearing fruit as we advance in sanctification is not perfection. Scripture tells us we will not walk in perfect holiness until we are glorified, and our need for perfection in order to stand before God unafraid is met in Christ and the imputation of His righteousness to us. But if His righteousness has been imputed to us, then His Spirit is sanctifying us. So, unless we see love, joy, peace, and every other spiritual fruit growing, however fitfully, in our lives, we are not Christians. View Resource

  • Good Works and Assurance Devotional

    2 Peter 1:3–11

    Matthew Henry comments, “Those who are growing in grace, and abounding in the work of the Lord, shall have an abundant entrance into the joy of their Lord, and they shall reign with him for ever and ever.” Although gaining assurance of salvation is not the primary reason why we do good works, we should not discount the assurance that comes as we live holy lives. As we seek to obey Christ’s commands, we can be sure that He is working in us. View Resource

  • The Fruit of Faith Devotional

    John 15:5

    John Calvin writes, “Before we are in [Christ], we are dry and useless wood.” After we are united to Him through faith alone, however, we become living, fruitful branches. The doctrine of justification by faith alone frees us to do good works. Because we know we have a secure place in heaven, we need not be overly anxious about making a wrong step and losing our citizenship. Instead, we serve Him boldly, knowing that He is our Advocate when we fail. View Resource

  • The Joy of Everlasting Life Devotional

    Romans 14:17

    Knowing that we have everlasting life comforts us because we know that it is a life grounded in the perfect righteousness of Christ and, therefore, secure forever. It also comforts us because we know that we will experience righteousness, peace, and joy forever. Even now, we begin to enjoy these things as we are being conformed to Jesus in our sanctification. Only Christians can know true righteousness, true peace, and true joy. View Resource

  • Gentleness and Self-Control Devotional

    Matthew 11:28–30

    Jesus, indeed, was a gentle man, but He was by no means a pushover. He denounced sin when He needed to and gave His life of His own accord, not because the Romans and the Sanhedrin forced Him to the cross (Matt. 23; John 10:18). As with patience, it takes much wisdom to remain self-controlled and gentle. But with the help of the Spirit, we can learn to be gentle without being pushovers. Let us strive toward this end today. View Resource

  • Patience and Kindness Devotional

    Proverbs 21:21

    Showing patience to others takes a significant amount of wisdom. There comes a point when even God ceases to be patient with us, and there are times when we will need to stop being patient with someone for that person’s good. Still, patience should be our normal inclination, especially if we are in positions of authority over others. Let us seek wisdom in how to be patient, and may we always be kind to others. View Resource

  • Joy and Peace Devotional

    Galatians 5:22–23

    John says we should not be surprised that the world hates us (1 John 3:13). Still, we do not have license to give the world rational reasons to oppose us. We can do nothing about the irrational opposition unbelievers may have toward us because we love Christ, but we can refuse to add fuel to the fire through our own sinful belligerence and temper tantrums when things do not go our way. Let us not pick unnecessary fights but, as we are able, live at peace with all people. View Resource

  • Our Heavenly Citizenship Devotional

    Philippians 3:20–21

    We are justified by faith alone but not by a faith that is alone. Everyone who believes in Jesus alone for salvation will immediately and inevitably prove this faith through good works of service to God and neighbor (James 2:14–26). These works do not save us, but they prove that the faith that does give us heavenly citizenship is present in our hearts. If we have no desire at all to please God, we do not have faith in His Son. View Resource

  • Proving Our Salvation Devotional

    Philippians 2:1–2

    Scripture often warns the people of God about those who cause dissension for dissension’s sake — people who cause problems not because they stand firm for the truth but because they are factional and generally disagreeable (Titus 3:10–11). Those who behave in such a manner reveal hearts that do not know the Lord. If we are inclined to be divisive unnecessarily, we must repent of this sin, for in so doing we prove our salvation. View Resource

  • Children of Light Devotional

    Ephesians 5:7-9

    The fruit of light listed in today’s passage — goodness, righteousness, and truth — are examples of what Paul elsewhere refers to as the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22–24). These things, along with qualities including love, joy, patience, and self-control, are the marks of the true Christian. Believers do not practice such things perfectly, but they should be able to find some evidence, however small, of these graces in their lives. View Resource

  • Faith and Fruit Devotional

    Galatians 5:19-23

    Scripture is clear that sinless perfection is impossible in this life (1 John 1:8–9), so we will never exhibit any of the fruit of the Spirit flawlessly on this side of glory. Nevertheless, there is a difference between those who do not exhibit the fruit at all and those who exhibit the fruit intermittently, between those who want to bear fruit and those who do not care at all about the work of the Spirit. If we are bearing spiritual fruit in any way, we belong to Jesus. View Resource

  • Growing Up in Love Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:11-13

    Knowledge of truth and the practice of love, as two of the chief indicators of Christian maturity, must both be emphasized in our walk with the Lord. Consistent study of the doctrines taught in the Bible is vital for our growth, and so is the love that demonstrates the attractiveness of the gospel. Ask yourself today if you emphasize truth more than love or love more than truth, and seek to bring both virtues into balance in your life. View Resource

  • Selfless Love Devotional

    1 Corinthians 13:4-5

    Do you struggle with a short temper? Are you quick to exaggerate things and make the worst out of any and all circumstances? The antidote to these things is remembering the patience of our Creator. He did not wipe us off the face of the earth the first time we broke His commands. He shows us patience today in calling us to repentance. If our great God has shown such love, how can we think that we can show any less toward others? View Resource

  • The Peril of Self-Deception Devotional

    Galatians 6:7–8

    Augustine comments, “To sow in the spirit is to serve righteousness from faith and with love and not to heed the desires of sin” (ACCNT vol. 8, p. 93). The desires of sin would have us withhold all of our money, but the love of Christ compels us to be generous and share what we have, even if it is not very much. How can you show forth generosity in the name of Jesus today? How does your checkbook reflect your spiritual priorities? View Resource

  • A Call to Self-Examination Devotional

    Galatians 6:3–4

    Take some time this day to perform some self-assessment. Do you think that you are more deserving of God’s favor than other people? Repent if you have so thought. Also, if you have believed the Lord cannot use you, then repent for thinking Him not powerful or creative enough to employ your gifts. Have a close friend help you discern your gifts so that you might know how you can bear the burdens of others. View Resource