• Our First Federal Head Devotional

    Romans 5:13-14

    Federalism, Boice says, is “a proof of God’s grace,” for while the failure of our first federal head brought terrible results, federalism “was the only way it would later be possible for God to save us once we had sinned.” This is a difficult subject, and we must pray for grace to trust God’s wisdom and the testimony of His Word as we study it. View Resource

  • Our Union with Adam Devotional

    Romans 5:12

    Because Adam did not represent us well, we tend to grumble that God so worked. But we must be careful here, for our salvation is based on the perfect obedience of yet another representative—Christ. Continue to study through the verses to come with a prayerful attitude, asking God to help you grasp what His Word says about His ways. View Resource

  • The Inevitability of Judgment Devotional

    Romans 2:1–16

    Obedience means submission. If we obey the law because it is God’s law, we are showing trust in Him. If we “do what is right,” ignoring the element of submission, we are acting in pride. Such “good deeds” are faithless and sinful. True obedience is a sign of faith, and only those who trust and obey will be saved. View Resource

  • The Suppression of Truth Devotional

    Romans 1:18–23

    Why do we seek to suppress the truth? Why do we seek to keep God from our thinking? Remember this passage when the secular world seeks the moral high ground in terms of “objectivity” and “open-mindedness.” Seek also to see what aspects of God and His law you have tried to suppress. View Resource

  • The Great Conspiracy Devotional

    Acts 4:23–37

    Satan did not stop conspiring against God and His Anointed after the work of Herod and Pilate. He is continually at work. C. S. Lewis said that we often err either by ascribing too much or too little power to the father of lies. Pray that you would not take him too lightly, but that you would have confidence in God’s ultimate sovereignty. View Resource