• Blessed are the Poor Media Resource by

    Matthew 5:3

    In the Beatitudes, Jesus begins His message with “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” How would that resonate in the ears of those who first heard this? What does that mean for us today? Is the Kingdom of Heaven open only to those who are poverty stricken? Looking at this in this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us what it means to be poor in spirit and what awaits those Jesus calls blessed. View Resource

  • Blessed are the Pure in Heart Media Resource by

    Matthew 5:8

    The New Testament promises the children of God the Beatific Vision. On that day, Christians will see Christ face to face in the fullness of His glory. But the Bible seems to indicate we will see more than the incarnate Son of God. Jesus Himself said that the pure in heart are blessed for they shall see God. How is it possible to see an invisible God? Thinking of this in this message, Dr. Sproul discusses what is absolutely necessary and what may not be necessary to see God. View Resource

  • Blessed are Those Who Hunger Media Resource by

    Matthew 5:6

    When a person becomes a Christian, priorities, affections, and desires suddenly change. Things that were once sought after in life inevitably fall by the wayside. Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with God’s people become new life-habits. But how much priority does righteousness get among your pursuits and goals? Do you hunger for righteousness? Dr. Sproul encourages us to actively pursue righteousness, in this message entitled “Blessed are Those Who Hunger.” View Resource

  • Blessed are Those Who Mourn Media Resource by

    Matthew 5:4

    No one truly enjoys grief and mourning, but all of us experience it to some degree or another. Why are those who mourn considered blessed by Jesus? What is the ultimate comfort? In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us about the supreme consolation God has for His suffering people. View Resource

  • Questions and Answers Media Resource by

    Matthew 5:2-12

    Amid the persecution and sorrow that we can expect as Christ’s followers, this enriching series prods us to continue following Him faithfully. The Beatitudes can help strengthen you in your Christian journey with the confidence of your promised future blessing of basking in the very presence of God. View Resource