• God’s Fixed and Enduring Word Devotional

    Psalm 119:89–96

    God’s steadfastness is seen clearly as He preserves His Word in the community of His people. Even in the days when God’s truth seems to be the last concern of the church, there is always a faithful remnant that is believing and handing down the promises of God. May we be part of that remnant that is so confident in God that we remain grounded firmly in the promises of His Word. View Resource

  • God’s Living and Active Word Devotional

    Hebrews 4:12–13

    Unlike the teachings of men and women that often fall on deaf ears, the Word of God always accomplishes the purposes for which it has been sent. That does not mean, however, that our Christian growth happens passively as we read and hear the Word. God is pleased to work through means, and, as we study Scripture diligently and pray for illumination, we will find the Spirit using the Word to help us grow into maturity in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • God’s Sustaining Word Devotional

    Psalm 119:81–88

    We can by no means continue to believe in the promises of the Lord if we do not know what they are. Thus, we must return again and again to God’s life-giving Word, turning to it both when we feel like reading it and when we find it hard to pick up a Bible. The Lord will bless His people with strengthened faith when they seek to know and trust God’s promises, so let us memorize and meditate on His Word. View Resource

  • Hermeneutics Devotional

    2 Timothy 2:15

    If we ignore the intent of the author, the Bible can mean whatever we want it to mean. Divisions in the church, cultic groups, radical subjectivism, and our own Scripture-twisting all attest to this. When studying the Bible, investigate Bible dictionaries and commentaries so that you may better understand the author and his audience. View Resource

  • Hungry for the Word of God Devotional

    Nehemiah 8:1-3

    View Resource

  • Infallibility and Inerrancy Devotional

    Titus 1:2

    Some people have recently used the term infallibility even though they believe the Bible does contain errors, so we need to be on guard against the possible misuse of the word. Historically, however, Christians have said Scripture is infallible because they have believed that God’s Word is incapable of erring and thus contains no errors. And because the Bible gives us ample warrant to believe this, we know we can stake our very lives on the Word of God. View Resource

  • Inspiration, Infallibility, Inerrancy Devotional

    Psalm 12:6

    Today, there is an assault on the inerrancy of Scripture that tells us the bible is a mixture of both truth and error. ultimately, however, this reflects a low view not only of Scripture but also of God. If God is the source of all truth and His Word is truth (John 17:17), to say that He gave us a bible full of errors is to cast doubt on His character. Inerrancy does not mean the bible speaks with scientific precision, but it does mean that what it does teach is wholly true. View Resource

  • Interpreting Scripture Devotional

    2 Timothy 2:13b

    If we divorce the meaning of the biblical text from its author’s intent, the text can mean anything we want. This happened during the medieval era, when all sorts of fanciful allegorical readings were used that had little if any connection to the author’s original intent. To obey God rightly, we must know what the author He inspired meant, so learning how to interpret the Bible rightly is as important as knowing Scripture’s content. View Resource

  • Jesus and Authority Devotional

    Luke 10:25–37

    In John 13:20, Jesus tells His apostles that whoever receives them receives Him. We cannot separate our reception of Jesus as Lord with our reception of His apostles and the Bible that He has given us through them. If we do not accept the words of the apostles (and his old covenant emissaries ­— the prophets), we have not accepted the Lordship of Christ. Ask the Lord always to remind you that believing in Him means believing His Word. View Resource

  • A Lamp to Our Feet Devotional

    Psalm 119:105–112

    By the Spirit’s work in our hearts, we should regularly renew our commitment to remain faithful to our Creator. As we seek to understand the Lord’s ways as they are revealed in His Word, He will grant us comprehension as we determine to do what He says. We will not be perfect in this, of course, but we should see a general determination to do all that the Lord has commanded us to do throughout our lives. May God grant us the grace to do what He commands. View Resource

  • The Lord’s Testimony Devotional

    Psalm 19:7–11

    In a day and age when people doubt that there is any ground for certainty, the Word of God provides us that anchor and grounding upon which we can stake our very lives. We never need doubt that the Lord has not revealed Himself to us truly, for we do have real knowledge of His character through His Word, even if it is never a comprehensive knowledge. If you have doubts today, the Word of God can answer them. View Resource

  • Making Void the Word of God Devotional

    Mark 7:9–13

    Matthew Henry comments that “it is the mischief of impositions, that too often they who are zealous for them, have little zeal for the essential duties of religion, but can contentedly see them laid aside.” Like the Pharisees, we can be obsessed with good but optional things (giving extra gifts to the temple) in a way that makes us break God’s law. Let us have zeal for God’s law, but let us not let it develop into legalism that makes us break it. View Resource

  • Meditating Day and Night Devotional

    Joshua 1:8

    We meditate on Scripture not simply to fill our minds with knowledge, but to prepare ourselves to act rightly even when the text is not before us. A.W. Pink notes in his Gleanings from Joshua: Joshua’s “mind was to be exercised upon God’s Word with a specific purpose and practical end: not simply to rest in contemplation, but in order to be regulated by its precepts, through a serious inculcating of them upon his heart.” This should be our goal. View Resource

  • Neither New nor Orthodox Devotional

    Matthew 22:37–38

    The so-called battle for the bible is not yet over. We continue to see people cast doubt on the veracity of Scripture, often in the name of helping unbelievers come to faith in Christ. but if we win people to a low view of Scripture, we will win them to a low view of the Savior who has inspired Scripture. May we remain firm in our conviction that the bible is God’s Word, and may we defend it in a way that honors Christ. View Resource

  • The Neo-Orthodox View Devotional

    Matthew 4:1-11

    Just because humans can err does not mean they must or will err in every situation. It is not a necessary part of the human condition. We can all pass spelling and simple math tests. If Barth were right, he would have to be wrong, as he too is human. Thank God for His error-free Word and for the mind He gave you. View Resource