• Eliminating Lying Devotional

    Are you a person who is true to his word? View Resource

  • Becoming a New Creation Devotional

    Thank God for the new heart of flesh He has implanted in your spiritual being. View Resource

  • Understanding the Basic Conflict Devotional

    Thank God that you no longer walk according to the course of this world and the prince of the power of the air. View Resource

  • The Trust of a Man Devotional

    Genesis 22:1-9

    Good times make it simple to trust God, but do we believe in His goodness even when things are rough? In the midst of a severe economic crisis, do we grow anxious or do we trust the Lord to supply our needs? Does the secularization of the culture bring us much anxiety, or do we trust that God will continue to preserve His faithful remnant even in a society increasingly hostile to the gospel? View Resource

  • Rediscovering the Law Devotional

    Renew your personal commitment to the Word of God. Start today! View Resource

  • Planning to Grow Devotional

    Luke 14:25–33

    Today, let us all sit down and set a goal to help us grow spiritually over the course of the year. If our prayer lives have been inconsistent, perhaps we need to commit to a specific time of prayer each day even if it is only five or ten minutes. A commitment of reading one chapter of Psalms and one chapter of Proverbs per day could be helpful. Or, we might benefit from a more thorough preparation of ourselves before we take the Lord’s Supper or witness a baptism. View Resource

  • The Effects of Leaven Devotional

    Galatians 5:7–9

    John Calvin comments, “Satan’s stratagem is, that he does not attempt an avowed destruction of the whole gospel, but he taints its purity by introducing false and corrupt opinions.” The blatant heresy endorsed in many churches today did not come out of nowhere. Only through the slow erosion of truth do the visible churches of Christ come to the point where they deny Jesus. Pray that you would always stand firm on the truth of the gospel. View Resource

  • A Living Sacrifice Devotional

    Romans 12:1–2

    Most of us are accustomed to the reading of sacred Scripture, but how many of us take the time to meditate on it, to take a passage and spend some time mulling it over, considering what it teaches and how it applies to our life? Take some time today to meditate on one of the passages suggested today for further study. Ask the Lord to show you how you may live in line with what it teaches and to use it to transform your mind that you may conform to His will. View Resource

  • The Battle Within Devotional

    Romans 7:7–25

    Only the person who has been given a new heart by the Holy Spirit can long for His precepts (Ps. 119:40); therefore, only the regenerate person has a real struggle within when he fails to obey. If you trust Christ and are struggling with sin, know that the presence of this struggle and the desire to do good are evidences that you belong to Jesus. Seek help and counsel from a pastor or Christian friend today if you are losing the battle against sin. View Resource

  • The Seriousness of Sin Devotional

    Matthew 18:7–9

    Dr. John MacArthur echoes Jesus’ somber warning in Matthew 5:29: “Sin must be dealt with drastically because of its deadly effects” (The MacArthur Bible Commentary, p. 1,131). Refraining from speaking privately with a certain person might be what keeps you from gossiping; throwing away your computer may be the right course of action if you struggle with looking at pornography. Whatever it takes, all of us must do what is needed to flee sin and temptation. View Resource

  • Asking, Seeking, Knocking Devotional

    Matthew 7:7–11

    We persevere in prayer knowing that our Father in His goodness will never withhold from us what we really need. We also need to recall, Matthew Henry says, that “we often ask that of God which would do us harm if we had it; he knows this, and therefore does not give it to us.” When the Lord does not give us what we want, let us remember that it is probably because what we want would be harmful to us. Even God’s “no” to us is evidence of His great love for us. View Resource

  • How to Study the Bible Devotional

    2 Timothy 3:14–17

    Many people find the study of Scripture to be an intimidating, if not impossible, endeavor. But God encourages us to put His Word on our hearts (Deut. 6:6), and He will open His Word to us if we are faithful to study it with diligence and humility. Consider joining a Bible study or class offered by your church so that you may learn from other Christians. Be sure to make some time each week for the study and contemplation of God’s Word. View Resource

  • Issachar’s Servitude Devotional

    Genesis 49:14–15

    What do you desire for yourself and your family? Are you looking to maintain a comfortable existence? Are you unwilling to take a risk by sharing Christ with friends and neighbors? If you have children, will you be disappointed if they forego a well-paying career in order to become a missionary or do other ministry work? Let us endeavor, by the help of God’s Spirit, to love Christ above all so that we never turn from Him and become slaves to the world’s values. View Resource

  • Preparing to See the King Devotional

    Genesis 46:31–34

    It is sometimes difficult to discern how to live in the world but not of the world. But surely we are living too much according to the world’s standards if we never encounter any opposition to the Gospel. Do you get any flack for following Jesus? Make sure it is the good news causing offense, not a caustic or obnoxious personality. If you face no harassment for serving Christ, your life may not be measurably different from the world’s. View Resource

  • Christ’s Marriage Supper Devotional

    Revelation 19:6–10

    All of us who trust in Christ have already been declared righteous in the Lord’s heavenly courtroom. One day we will be without sin and practice righteousness at all times. On this day we will feast with the Lord face-to-face. The Lord’s Supper is a foretaste of this, and every time we eat of it, we should long all the more for the day when the feast will never end. Whether or not you are partaking of the sacrament this Sunday, focus on that great wedding feast with Jesus. View Resource