• The Righteousness of God Devotional

    Matthew 6:25-34

    Would it embarrass you to be known as a “righteous person”? We should think about ourselves biblically, and use biblical language as much as possible. We should not let the world scare us away from words like righteous. Instead, we need to model this righteousness even in a hostile environment. View Resource

  • Without Deceit Devotional

    Matthew 22:23-33

    That the Bible is the Word of God leads to two inescapable conclusions, that it has no error and that it is absolutely binding. Have you ever overlooked a particular demand in the hope that it might be a mistake? Commit to following God’s Word not just when it is convenient to do so, but in all its parts, no matter the cost. View Resource

  • Why Study God’s Word? Devotional

    2 Timothy 2

    Our ultimate goal is to be pleasing to God in all of life. Certainly for the believer, a critical part of life is our handling and understanding of the Bible. As you begin another year of reading and study, commit yourself to the long-term goal of being found faithful to the task of presenting yourself as a workman who correctly handles the word of truth. Though a lifetime goal, it is achieved through patient daily practice. View Resource